What’s a Collateral Loan and Why Do I Need One?

Loans have the power to get you ahead in life — or behind. It all comes down to the types of loans and financial agreements you take advantage of. But not all loans are made the same.

No matter your credit score, collateral loans come with some of the best rates around. At the same time, they’re arguably more dangerous than traditional loans. Knowing the ins-and-outs of these arrangements could be the difference between financial success or failure.

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How to Save More Money While Renting

Do you aspire to be a homeowner sooner rather than later? This is a goal for many Canadians. The dream of home ownership is well and alive in Canada for the most part. However, actually achieving it is often easier said than done.

It can be tough to save a down payment, especially when most of your paycheck is going towards rent. While you can certainly save more money by getting a second job, by saving money on rent you can boost your down payment savings amount even more.

Let’s look at some simple ways to save money while renting.


Picking the Right Location

If often said the three most important rules in real estate are location, location, location. While you may want to be in an ideal location when you buy a home because you see yourself living there for the long-term, you may be able to compromise on location when you’re renting since it may be for the short-term.

Instead of renting in the city center, consider renting somewhere less expensive. I’m not saying you should rent somewhere that’s dangerous, but what I am saying is to look for a decent neighbourhood that isn’t quite as costly. By finding a place to rent in the suburbs that isn’t quite as costly to rent and has great transit access, it won’t add too much time to your commute, but will save you a decent chunk of change on rent.


Looking for a Place to Rent in the Winter

Although springtime may be the ideal time to look for a place to rent, similar to the spring real estate market when homes tend to sell for the most, it’s the time when rents tend to be highest, too. Although it may not be the most convenient time to look for a rental, by looking in wintertime between December and March you can often find a decent place to rent for a lot less.


Get a Roomie

Perhaps the simplest way to lower your rent is by finding a roommate (otherwise known as a roomie). Whether you’re living with a friend or partner, or you’re moving into a place that already has a tenant, splitting the bills in half will add up to a lot of savings. Just make sure you’ll be ok living with this person and it’s someone that you trust.


Go for Unfurnished

Although it’s a lot more convenient to rent a place that’s fully furnished, the costs will quickly add up. You won’t have to buy your own furniture up front, but you will have to pay for the luxury of having furniture that’s already there on a monthly basis. That can mean paying $50, $100 or more per month extra in rent. Buy your own furniture up front, move yourself and save.


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The Top Questions To Ask When Looking For Debt Reduction Services

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Searching for debt reduction services can be both easy and challenging. Finding one is simple, they are everywhere, but finding a good one can be a challenge.

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Miles Teller’s Current Net Worth and Incredible Debt Story

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