The Path to Lower Credit Card Debt

Follow the Path to Lower Credit Card Debt is a fun infographic highlighting some of the most common “perils and pitfalls” faced by those trying to get out of credit card debt. It also offers a “survival kit” of helpful hints that consumers can use to lower their monthly credit card bills and increase their savings.

Getting out of card debt isn’t easy, but if you know how to avoid the “perils and pitfalls” of credit card debt, you can live a debt free life, and get back on the path toward a better financial future. Provided by

How can Economic dates and Real-time events affect the performance of your trades?

calculator-385506_1280If you are new to the financial marketplace, you may initially find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of trading and the factors that influence your trades. While this can be overcome in part by a period of learning, it is more important to understand how real-time trends and important economic dates impact on daily trades and trigger fluctuation in the marketplace. If you can achieve this and utilize the real-time tools that provide you with access to this data, you can optimize your efficiency and returns over a given period of time.

Economic dates and real-time trends: How do they impact on your trades?

To gain a greater understanding of this, let’s consider a snapshot of the current, real-time market. We have recently seen a minimal recovery in the international stock market, for example, which in turn has helped more profitable currencies such as the U.S. Dollar gain ground against Europe’s safe-haven options including the Euro and the ever-reliable Swiss franc. This highlights a recurring movement in the marketplace, where rising stock market sentiment encourages traders to incorporate liquid currencies into their portfolios at the expense of risk-averse options that offer consistent, albeit minimal, returns.

Given that the forex market is already the most volatile and liquid entities available to traders, the ability to tailor your orders according to real-time trends can make a huge difference when it comes to counting your returns. This, when combined with a fundamental knowledge of the underlying laws that govern change in the market, creates a foundation that enables most traders to achieve success. The same principle can also be applied to a renowned event on the economic calendar, as these also impact on sentiment and trading volume and have a direct influence on your portfolio.

The Last Word

The difference with this is that many of these important economic events are well-known to traders, enabling them to plan in advance and tailor their strategy ahead of time. In fact, online brokerage firms such as FX Pro publish a detailed economic calendar on their website, and this resource includes data from the whole of the upcoming financial year.

The key is to get into the habit of using such resources regularly, while also attempting to predict how specific economic events and major data releases will impact on the market. Over time, this will drive more informed decision making and optimize your returns throughout the financial year.

Choosing The Best Forex Trading Platform For Yourself

piggy-bank-968302_640Taking a step into the world of forex trading is the first step towards financial freedom for many traders. Nobody starts off their forex or CFD trading career being wildly successful. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone loses some money along the way. However, how much money is lost and the overall impact of the mistakes can be controlled to some degree. How so? By conducting proper research, planning, and choosing the right tools.


In the world of foreign exchange, few tools are as important as the platform you use to conduct your trades. Therefore, choosing the best forex trading platform is of the utmost importance. The only problem is that the best platform for one trader may not be the best for another. There are dozens of fast, capable, and reliable forex or CFD trading platforms available online and they all have something different to offer traders.

How Can You Know Which Is The Best Forex Trading Platform?

You can’t choose the best forex trading platform for the job if you don’t know what is technically “best” for you. Knowing what suits you best gets easier as you gain more experience, but if this is your first venture into the forex market, then it can be pretty tough. Luckily, you aren’t marrying your platform. If you use a trading platform and you don’t like it you can always stop using it and use another.

That doesn’t mean you should rush out and try every random platform you come across. That would result in a lot of wasted time and time is money when it comes to forex. That’s why it’s best to create a list of what attributes or features you value the most and then search through platforms that include those features. There are some common attributes that you should naturally expect from the best platforms and then there are some that are simply personal preference.

What Attributes And Features Are Mandatory?

Fast response times is one of the most important attributes to look for in the best forex trading platform. The forex market moves fast. Fractions of a second can make a monetary difference in your trades. The significance of response times is, even more, apparent during sudden rises or plunges in currency values. These spikes tend to take place after important economic news is released. If your platform can’t keep up and make trades in a moment’s notice, then it’s going to cost you.

Secondly, you want a platform that is easy to understand and use. If you’re new to forex or CFD trading at, then all of those numbers, signals, and options can be extremely confusing at first. Even the professionals can get overwhelmed when they are trying a new platform. The best platforms aim to make their GUI organized and easy to navigate even if there are still a ton of confusing options tucked away in the menus.

What About The Optional Features?

In the end, to chose the best forex trading platform, you have to consider personal preference. Do you prefer a platform that provides you with loads of information and technical analysis or do you prefer a cleaner, simpler approach? Do you want a free platform provided by a broker or would you prefer a pay-to-use platform with more in-depth features? You may not know what features are really important to you until you have a little experience with Forex and CFD trading.

Yes, You Do Need Life Insurance — Even If You’re Young

pid life insuranceIt doesn’t occur to many young people to buy life insurance. Most people in their 20s, 30s, or even 40s don’t anticipate needing life insurance, but the unexpected can happen to anyone. If you have people who are depending on you financially — a spouse or partner, children, aging parents or other loved ones — then you need life insurance to help make sure they will be okay if something were to happen to you. Life insurance can also help provide an inheritance for those you leave behind, even if you don’t have a lot of assets.

The best time to get life insurance is when you’re young. By the time you reach your 50s, premiums can become prohibitively expensive. Chances are that when you’re in your 30s or 40s, you’re more likely to have young children, a non-working spouse, or other dependents who won’t stop requiring food, clothes, a roof over their heads, college money, and other support even if you’re no longer there to provide it for them.

Who Will Provide for Your Family When You’re Gone?

If you’re married or have children, or others who are financially dependent on you, you need life insurance — and chances are you don’t have enough. You may have life insurance through your employer, but most employer policies only offer life insurance worth the equivalent of one or two years’ salaries. If you have dependents and a mortgage, you’re going to need a lot more coverage than that to make sure your dependents are protected.

Most experts recommend getting coverage equal to seven to 10 times your annual salary. You should have enough coverage to pay off your mortgage and provide for your family for as many years as it will take your surviving spouse or partner to get back on his or her feet. You should also make sure you have enough coverage to help your surviving loved ones carry out other plans, such as putting the children through college or financing a comfortable retirement for your surviving spouse.

The younger you are when you buy life insurance, the cheaper it will be — but go ahead and wait until you need the coverage. When you’re married, and thinking about starting a family, that’s the time to buy coverage. Talk to an agent to learn about your options regarding life insurance. You may want to choose term life insurance, which covers you for a specific period of time, and is cheaper than whole life or permanent insurance, which will pay a lump sum to your beneficiaries no matter when you die.

Life Insurance Can Be Valuable When You’re Still Alive Too

When most people think of life insurance, they think of coverage that pays their beneficiaries a prearranged sum of money on the event of their death. But life insurance can be useful to you while you’re still alive, too. Life insurance can be an investment vehicle, allowing you to invest your premiums in investment accounts that increase your policy’s cash value.

Your life insurance policy can also be a source of cash if you need to cover medical expenses or long-term care costs. If you become terminally ill, you may be able to sell your policy to get cash to cover your medical bills and related expenses. Or, you may be able to earmark a part of your insurance premiums to cash accumulation, allowing you to build up an emergency reserve of cash that you can use to continue paying your life insurance premiums if you suffer a loss of income. You may even be able to borrow against your life insurance policy’s cash value to cover other expenses that may arise, such as a child’s medical bills.

If you have a non-working spouse or partner, children, or others who are depending on you to pay the bills and put food on the table, you need life insurance. An adequate life insurance policy means you’ll be able to continue providing for your family, even if the worst should happen. Life insurance is the best way to protect your home and your family’s way of life, since it lets you leave your loved ones a cash lump sum even if you don’t yet have that many assets.