Sheila E’s Net Worth

Sheila E's net worth
If you’re a fan of 80s music or even familiar with Prince’s “Purple Rain” album you may be familiar with Sheila E. She’s paved her own way through the worlds of performing, singing, writing, dancing and acting through the 80s and is still working today.

After being in the spotlight for decades, Sheila E. has had to have made a pretty penny. So, what is Sheila E’s net worth and where did she rake in all her cash?

About Sheila E

As noted above, Sheila Escovedo (better known by her stage name Sheila E), is a performer. She was born on December 12, 1957, in Oakland, California. Escovedo came from a colorful background. Her mother is Creole, African American and her father is Mexican American. Her father was a percussionist, which is likely why Sheila E. was so drawn to the spotlight most of her life.

By 1976, when Sheila E. was just 19 years old, she’d made her recording debut. She performed alongside jazz bass player Alphonso Johnson and once she was in her early 20s she’d already performed alongside big names like Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross. Later she would join forces with Prince on his album “Purple Rain.” In fact, she became a full band member and toured with Prince until 1989.

In June 1984, Sheila E. released her debut album “The Glamorous Life.” The title-track single was able to meet number 7 on the Hot 100 and topped dance music charts for two weeks. She has also released a number of other individual albums over the years as well.

Sheila E. has been active in more recent years too. She has been featured on vocals in some songs but you’re more likely to have heard a drum solo or background drum beats that are played by the 57-year-old performer. Most recently she provided a drumbeat for orchestral soundtracks to “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

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Sheila E’s Net Worth

Sheila E's net worthBut what does all of that mean for her financial health? Of course, Sheila E. has had a successful career but has she been able to create a stable financial foundation for herself?

Well, Sheila E’s net worth sits at about $12 million so it’s pretty safe to say she’ll be okay, especially because she is continuing to make music and perform every year. The bulk of her net worth of millions stemmed from touring with Prince. Sheila E. was able to tour with Prince during some of his most prominent years and then again during his reunion tour in the 2000s.

In addition to her work with Prince, Sheila E. has been able to secure a solid career for herself as well. Not only have her singles done really well (specifically on dance charts) but she’s also being featured in some really popular songs. Her drumming skills were featured in Beyonce’s “Work It Out.”

Each of these things has been able to contribute to Sheila E’s net worth over the years. Unlike many other celebrities, Sheila E. doesn’t have any plans for endorsements, etc. She simply plans to continue making music, which has worked out for her so far.

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PewDiePie’s Net Worth

PewDiePie's net worth
Youtube continues to grow as a source of revenue for thousands of people every year. Successful YouTubers make as much as six figures a year and the most popular faces have net worths of over $1 million. How are so many people becoming successful by posting videos?

PewDiePie is a perfect example of someone who has taken advantage of the way YouTube works and has been able to build a substantial amount of wealth from it. How high is PewDiePie’s net worth and how much of it has come from the streaming site?

PewDiePie’s YouTube Career

PewDiePie was born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg on October 24, 1989, in Sweden. Over the years he has become better-known by his Youtube pseudonym, however. His web-based comedy series has been one of the top Youtube channels for years.

In 2010, while attending school, PewDiePie registered his YouTube account. After a while, he decided to quit school (much to his parent’s dismay) and start focusing on his Youtube content. Within just two years he surpassed 1 million subscribers.

During his time on YouTube, he has worked underneath many different multi-channel networks, as many other YouTubers have. More recently he was dropped from his network because of anti-Semitic remarks made in one of his videos. It doesn’t seem to have hurt his following any though.

Today PewDiePie has more than 55.1 million subscribers and 15.3 billion views, making him the most subscribed YouTuber of all time. Let’s get to what really matters though. What do all these numbers mean for PewDiePie’s finances?

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PewDiePie’s Net Worth

PewDiePie's net worthPewDiePie’s net worth is an estimated $20 million, which is pretty low considering he made $12 million in 2015 alone. However, the young Swedish comedian has seen a lot of success from the streaming site.

As you may know, Youtubers get paid per 1,000 views. For every 1,000 clicks, their video gets the owner of the channel receives between $1.50 and $4. Once you accumulate followers like PewDiePie and so many others have you can see how the money could start stacking up.

Unlike many of the other Youtube celebrities out there, PewDiePie does not have other sources of income (and it doesn’t seem like he really needs them). Because he has so many subscribers he’s been able to focus on Youtube alone for his income. He will eventually need to find alternate sources of income in the future but, for now, he seems right on track for maintaining his current wealth.

PewDiePie is continuing to post on his YouTube channel regularly and will likely continue to grow his following and his cash flow in the years to come.

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Michelle Phan’s Net Worth

Michelle Phan's net worth
Youtube was one of the first sites of its kind when it launched in 2005. Now many sites have tried copying it but none have been as successful and none pay out what Youtube does either. Many Youtube stars are making a ton of cash from their video views. Whether their channel is about makeup, gaming or simply a comedic station, Youtubers make bank. Some of them are even worth millions of dollars.

What about Youtube makeup artist Michelle Phan? Is she raking in the cash from her Youtube channel? What is Michelle Phan’s net worth and how did Youtube help her get there?

Michelle Phan’s Net Worth

Michelle Phan’s net worth is estimated to be about $50 million. Since she began taping her makeup tutorials in 2005 Phan has been bringing in a significant amount of money from Youtube as well as a number of other lucrative deals she was able to land because of her channel.

Phan was born on April 11, 1987, in Boston but lived most of her life in Tampa, Fla. She attended Ringling College of Art and Design and received an Honorary Doctorate in 2014. By then, however, Phan had already been posting about makeup tutorials and creating videos for nine years.

The 30-year-old Youtube star started out blogging on her own personal site which focused on talking about new/different makeup techniques. She also critiqued some of the makeup tutorial videos that existed on the web at the time. It wasn’t long until Phan got the vlogging bug herself though. After Buzzfeed shared her video “How to Get Lady Gaga’s Eyes,” Phan went viral and was able to climb to over 1 million subscribers.

Since then Phan has become a Youtube advertising partner and has even launched her own multi-channel network called FAWN. Additionally, her Youtube channel was named on the “New Media Rockstars‘” Top 100 Channels at number 48.

Although each of Phan’s accomplishments on Youtube is no small feat, she didn’t get all her cash from the streaming site. What else has contributed to Michelle Phan’s net worth?

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How Phan’s Youtube Career Built Wealth

Michelle Phan's net worthNot many 30-year-olds have a $50 million fortune they’re sitting on but Phan was able to manipulate Youtube to benefit her business ventures. After gathering the following Phan was able to start earning real money from Youtube.

Youtubers are able to pull in a lot of cash from their videos. You get paid $1.50 to $4 for every 1,000 views your video receives. Once you reach 1 million subscribers about 10 percent of your following will view a video when it is posted. So, essentially, Youtubers with 1 million subscribers will make $150 to $400 for every video they post. After a while, this adds up.

Another way many YouTubers, including Phan, make money is through other endorsements and deals. Phan was able to land deals with big name-brand makeup companies like L’Oreal and Lancôme. She’s also published her own book, launched her own music group and makeup subscription company.

It is fair to say that many YouTubers are doing well. Because of her ability to use Youtube and land awesome deals, Michelle Phan’s net worth is likely to continue to climb in the years to come.

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What is Conor Maynard’s Net Worth?

Conor Maynard's net worth
Conor Maynard has become one of my favorite musicians to listen to in the mornings. It started out as seeing his videos on Facebook in the morning and giving them a listen to subscribing to his Youtube channel and giving his sweet, sweet voice a listen each morning.

Maynard isn’t what many people would consider a “mainstream” pop star, though you’ve probably listened to at least one of his cover songs. The 24-year-old singer has certainly made a name for himself on the web but what is Conor Maynard’s net worth and how much cash has he raked in from his online music career?

About Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard is not a United States citizen. He was born in Brighton, England on November 12, 1992. From a very young age, Maynard and his parents realized that he was musically inclined. He always enjoyed singing other artist’s songs.

When he turned 14 years old Maynard decided to join the video streaming giant Youtube. His first Youtube video was of himself singing “Breathe” by Lee Carr. The rest is history. Since then he’s uploaded tons of cover songs like “Breathe.” He and his friend Anthony Melo pair up on songs from time to time as well. Maynard sings the lyrics while Melo covers and rap in the song. The pair works together perfectly.

After posting videos on Youtube consistently Maynard was finally “discovered.” Pop star Ne-Yo found Maynard on Youtube and reached out to him as a mentor. Shortly after partnering with Ne-Yo Maynard signed to EMI/Parlophone and Turn First management to become a fully-developed artist.

Now his Youtube videos get millions of views each but how much is he making? What is Conor Maynard’s net worth?

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Conor Maynard's net worthConor Maynard’s net worth is nothing exciting. The young star hasn’t stacked up much of the money he’s made from Youtube. Justin Bieber, who Maynard is often compared to, has a net worth of over $200 million. Maynard’s net worth sits at about $375,000. However, Maynard is continuing to grow as an artist and become more popular over time so there’s a chance his net worth could explode in the years to come.

For now, though the bulk of Maynard’s overall net worth comes from the money he makes through advertising on Youtube. He’s got more than 4 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and, as his fan base grows, he continues to sell more tickets to shows and more singles. Most of Maynard’s singles have sold at least 100,000 copies each.

Conor Maynard doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon either. This year he plans to continue his work on Youtube as well as perform at a number of live shows. In addition to his cover songs, he is planning to release some music of his own in 2017 as well. Each of these will likely continue to contribute to the young man’s net worth.

Maynard is similar to many of the other YouTubers out there except he is still getting his start. Don’t be surprised if you see his name or his wealth rise in the next few years.

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