Not Getting a Tax Refund? Here Are More Ways to Save Money

More Ways to Save Money

Buzz around town would suggest that many people aren’t getting their regular tax refunds this year. Individuals have been complaining about not being able to purchase what they’d planned with their tax refund. Many people rely on a refund to make purchases they’ve been putting off like buying a new car or going on a family vacation. You don’t need to wait until tax season to have the cash for those thing though. You can be saving money all year round.

More Ways to Save Money

Saving money is extremely important but it can be redundant. If you are looking for more ways to save money, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 10 relatively unique ways to save money.

1. Host a For-Profit Party

Have you ever been to a rent party? It is something college students who rent apartment off campus do quite often. They provide a little cash to throw the party and then charge attendees an admission fee. If you can through a really great budget party, this may be for you! Once the party is over, you can bank the cash you made.

2. Get a Side Hustle

If throwing a for-profit party doesn’t sound like it’s for you then you can easily find a side hustle and bank the extra cash. Some great side hustles are freelance writing, lawn maintenance, childcare and even cleaning!

3. Try a Money Challenge

A few years ago the internet blew up with these money challenges. Essentially you challenge yourself to save a certain amount of money each day, week or month, reaching an annual goal. If you’ve tried these and they seem to be getting monotonous you can try some of these 52 Week Money Challenge Alternatives.

4. Start an IRA or 401K

It is never too early to save for retirement and the cash you put into a retirement account can oftentimes be written off on your taxes (making a refund more likely next year). Additionally, if you start a 401K through your employer they may match your contribution, multiplying your savings over time.

5. Make Savings Automatic

Everyone has heard of automatically drafting your savings from each paycheck but why not make it a bit more fun? Acorns is another great not only to save money but also to invest your money. The app will allow you to link a bank account and credit/debit card. When you make purchases, it rounds up and takes the difference and invests it for you.

6. Re-Budget and Cut Expenses

Another more traditional way to save is cutting expenses. However, you don’t have to cut out things you enjoy all the time. You can be a bit more creative and try a $25 per week food budget or attempt to ride a bike/walk more than you drive your car.

7. Stop Eating Out

Check out Pinterest and find something interesting to cook at home. Eating out is extremely expensive and, for the most part, you are getting half as much food (sometimes even less). You can eat a great meal at home for much less. If you get bored with your at-home menu easily, search the web and find something new to try. Here’s a good budget grocery list.

8. Try the $1 Bill or $5 Bill Challenge

Money challenges were mentioned above but, unlike the daily and weekly challenge, this challenge deals with physical cash. Many people perform the $5 Bill Challenge. This challenge dictates that every $5 bill you receive in change will go into savings. (I recently stated doing the same thing with ones.)

9. Choose to Be Cheap

Don’t be afraid to be known as the frugal person (these celebrities do it). Your finances will thank you later. You can turn people down for outings, buy used clothing and shop marked down meats without feeling a bit of shame because you will be securing your savings and your financial future.

10. Find Free (or Nearly Free) Hobbies

If you enjoy spending money on going out or hobbies, find some activities you enjoy that are cheaper or free. Discover free (or nearly free) hobbies by following this link.

Whatever you decide to do, saving money is extremely important. Whether you trim your budget or set up a 401K, planning ahead and saving will insure you won’t have to wait for a tax refund to buy that new car.

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What is the Cashflow Quadrant?

Cashflow Quadrant
Are you a budding entrepreneur? You may have read or learned about the cashflow quadrant before. It has been providing entrepreneurs with direction in what path they may or may not want to choose as far as their careers go. If you’re interested in learning more about the cashflow quadrant, you’ll find a breakdown of the system below.

What is the Cashflow Quadrant?

Robert Kiyosaki created the cashflow quadrant to easily break down and help others visualize different careers and why those paths may be attractive to some and not others. The cashflow quadrant separates into four equal parts (hence quadrant). Those four parts are employee, business owner, self-employed and investor.

What does it mean to be part of each part of the cashflow quadrant?


Almost everyone is an employee at some point in their life. The idea behind the Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant is to encourage people to branch outside of simply being an employee. Employees usually get paid an hourly wage or salary. All of the income an employee has is directly correlated with how much work he or she does. You also don’t have much control over your work environment or the demands of your position. Employees also pay more taxes than the other three businesspeople in the cashflow quadrant.


Being self-employed is a great decision for many people. Being self-employed means that you will be able to create your own schedule, you won’t have a boss to answer to and you ultimately decide how much cash you make. Self-employed individuals have more tax write offs than people employed by a company or larger business. Becoming self-employed can be tricky though and it doesn’t work for everyone. You should research the cost of being self-employed prior to jumping into any venture.

Business Owner

Next you have business owners. Kiyosaki defines a business owner as an individual who earns leveraged income. The cash a business owner earns does not come directly from any work they did but from the work other people within the company did. Business owners don’t pay as many taxes as employees because they have more write-offs (some employees have none at all) and they wind up having more “cashflow” or passive income, which gives them more say on how they spend their time.


An investor, according to Kiyosaki, is anyone who does not have to rely on their own work or the work of others to earn money. For the most part, people work their way into the investor quadrant. You can invest in the stock market or into a company. However, the best investment to make is in yourself. Place some money into an IRA, 401K or life insurance account for yourself. Each of these will continue paying over time. Investors are able to sit back and relax and let their money make money.

Any road that leads to financial freedom is a good one. The cashflow quadrant has helped many entrepreneurs find a path to creating passive income for themselves or even starting their own business and will likely continue doing so for years to come.

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‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets’ Net Worth is Huge!

Gold Rush, Tony Beets, net worth
If you’re like me when you’re watching reality television you wonder how much these “actors” are making per show. For me though, I’m not wondering about Kim K or Caitlyn Jenner, I am wondering about stars like Tony Beets.

Beets is a down-to-earth guy who just happens to also be the star of Discovery’s “Gold Rush.” The show follows Beets and his family, who all happen to be gold miners. (It’s a really great program if you have the chance to check it out.) Of course, there’s a ton of money in gold but what is Tony Beets’ net worth and how much is Discovery contributing to it?

Tony Beets’ Television Career

Tony Beets hasn’t been “on the radar” for too long. His career took a while to take off but, since it has, he has become extremely successful.

Beets started out as a gold miner who moved to Canada about 25 years ago. He prides himself on being a Viking and many people even call him “The Viking.” He and his family work at Beets Crew at Paradise Hill. After years of mining reality, television show producers caught wind of Beets’ hard work and wanted to start a show starring Beets and his family.

That is when “Gold Rush” got its start. The series began in 2010 and continues to run on the Discovery Channel. People all over the world have been tuning in regularly to watch Beets, his wife and three kid live their lives. So, if the show has become such a hit, what is Tony Beets’ net worth?

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Tony Beets’ Net Worth

Tony Beets' net worthCompared to some other reality TV show stars, Beets and his family aren’t absolutely killing the television game but they aren’t doing too bad. Tony Beets’ net worth sits at about $15 million (and almost none of it is from TV).

He didn’t amass that amount of wealth overnight though. In fact, Beets is a really hardworking guy. Born in the Netherlands, Beets relocated to Canada to better his life. He started out working in construction and moved on to mining in 1984. He was able to climb up in his respective career and today he runs Tamarack Mine.

Tamarack Mine, which is featured in the Discovery series, is run by Beets and his family. They also hire teenagers to come work for them as well. The show that follows the family and other workers at the mine has become one of the network’s highest-rated series.

The majority of Tony Beets’ net worth doesn’t come from the reality television show though. Most of Beets’ wealth stems from his gold mine and it is likely that $15 million will continue to grow in the future. According to Beets, his ultimate dream is to be able to own and operate two highly productive gold mines at the same time. If he is able to meet that goal his riches will likely double in the years to come.

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Makeup Artist Jaclyn Hill’s Net Worth May Surprise You

Jaclyn Hill's net worth

This article was updated on January 24, 2018. 

How-to and tutorial videos flood my social media timeline daily. It seems like everyone is interested in learning how to cook this, practice this makeup technique or make their own butter. What is even more surprising to me is the number of cash people is pulling in from these types of videos.

Take makeup artist Jaclyn Hill, for instance. She has been able to make millions of dollars through her makeup tutorial videos and the makeup deals that followed. You’ve got to wonder how much money you can really make though. The 27-year-old makeup artist is a perfect example of vlogger success though.

So, what is Jaclyn Hill’s net worth and how did she get to be so successful with simple how-to videos?

Jaclyn Hill’s Net Worth

One thing separates Jaclyn Hill from other small-time vloggers out there: branding. She was able to make a name for herself, establish a following and land lucrative deals because of it. Her name on a product immediately makes it more valuable. The ability to do this led Jaclyn Hill’s net worth to climb to $700K.

The major sources of Hill’s net worth are:

  • Youtube ads: Hill has 4.6 million Youtube subscribers, more than 380 million views and each of her videos gets about 250,000 clicks. These numbers average out to about $450 per day in Youtube ad revenue for Hill.
  • Makeup deal with Becca Cosmetics: The second part of Hill’s income comes from her deal with Becca Cosmetics. She and the makeup company partnered up on a highlighter set and it sold at Sephora within hours.

Now that you know what Jaclyn Hill’s net worth is and where is comes from, how was she able to pull it all off?

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How Did Jaclyn Hill Become So Successful?

Jaclyn Hill's net worthIn all honesty, Hill became successful because she started her career at a young age and was able to create a following for herself. She started her Youtube channel in 2011 at the age of 21. The focus of the channel was to share how-tos as a professional makeup artist and, as previously discussed, she was able to gain millions of subscribers.

Hill pulls in six figures a year from her Youtube channel alone. That isn’t even taking into consideration the extra cash flow from her husband, drummer Jon Hill, whom she’s been married to since she was 19, or the cash she is raking in from business deals.

Once her Youtube channel blew up, people began to recognize Jaclyn Hill’s name. The more recognizable the name, the more companies want it on their product. After her Youtube channel became so popular Becca Cosmetics jumped on the chance to have Hill’s name on their product. The highlighter palette the 26-year-old produced with the cosmetic company disappeared from the shelves of Sephora within hours of the launch. Hill’s eyeshadow sells for about $30 to $100 on Amazon – meaning she is likely pulling down a nice percentage on each transaction.

The overly positive response to the Becca-Hill partnership and high price of Hill’s make up has led to even more business opportunities for the young woman moving forward. One thing is for sure though, Jaclyn Hill’s net worth won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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