Where Does the Money From Movie Ticket Purchases Go?

money from movie ticket purchases go

When you think of successful actors you likely also think of individuals with high net worths. Oftentimes, these actors and actresses are paid based on demand for their work. However, they are also paid based on the film and how well it does, but they aren’t necessarily paid based on the box office. So, where does the money from movie ticket purchases go? [Read more…]

Wealthy Valentine’s: The World’s Richest Couples

World's richest couples

Last week was Valentine’s Day and that had me thinking about the invention of the term “power couple.” These tend to be people who we see working together and making their dreams come true as a result, right? For many, this also has a financial component, meaning you don’t get to be deemed a “power couple” if you aren’t also rich. All of this led to me wondering, who are the world’s richest couples? [Read more…]

How Much Are The ‘Birds of Prey’ Cast Worth?

How much are the birds of prey cast worth

Birds of Prey hit the big screen last week and has already made $81 million at the box office worldwide. It is the first mostly female superhero movie and each woman within the main cast has made a name for herself in her own way. So, how much are the Birds of Prey cast worth? [Read more…]

‘In This Moment’ Maria Brink’s Net Worth May Surprise You!

Maria Brink's net worth

Metalheads got a pleasant surprise last month when “In This Moment” debuted a new single leading up to their U.S. tour. Although they have remained relatively low on the radar, they have a devoted fanbase that has helped them sell out venues. So, what is the band’s figurehead Maria Brink’s net worth?

Who is Maria Brink?

As mentioned above, Maria Brink is the figurehead of “In This Moment.” She is the lead singer and typically what people think of when they think of the band. The American singer and songwriter was born in New York and didn’t have the easiest of lives.
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