April 2015 Life and Debt Repayment Update

maria chalkI somehow managed to let the whole first week of May slip past me before even thinking about doing this post. Where is time going?!

I am so glad the weather is much better than last time I reported. It’s actually been very beautiful and making up for the terrible three months of icy hell we endured on the east coast. The only thing that could make everything better would be if my clothesline wasn’t broken and I could start hanging the clothes outside again, hoping to get it fixed this weekend!

Speaking of this weekend it’s Mother’s day which is always a nice time around here. Even before I was a momma I still enjoyed it but look forward to it even more now. All the men+ able children make a yummy brunch for the moms at Mike’s grandfathers house, including some of my favorite things- eggs benny and mimosas, I can’t wait!

April was a decent month for debt repayment but nothing spectacular. We managed to put $2,074 towards our debt goal. We’re still on plan for paying off our next loan by October, per our plan. I was really hoping to have it done earlier- August or September- but realistically it’s not going to happen, at the end of the day what’s a month or two difference I guess. The loan was originally sitting at $23,698.70 (December of 2012) and is now at $6,165…and will be $0 in five short months 🙂

We got some decent news in April which will effect our budget too, Mike is finally going to be able to expense his cell phone bill every month. He uses his phone a lot for work- traveling to job sites all over the province means his bill is usually pretty outrageous no matter how many plan add-on’s and rate deals we get, the bill can’t get under $100 per month, usually closer to $125+ so the added savings is so appreciated especially since his job is the reason it’s so high!

How did everyone else do in April? Any special plans for the Momma’s in your life?

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  1. Great job continuing your goal plan! These past few months have been getting away from me as well and with taxes this last month, it’s hard to keep the momentum going but we managed to power through and pay down around $3500!

  2. I’m glad Mike will be able to expense his cell phone soon, that’ll help the budget for sure!

  3. Cath, good luck on paying off your loan by October. By the way, I have bought perfume for my mom and will bring her to a fancy restaurant (I am using a groupon on that occasion).

  4. Nice job on the debt progress this month, you’re getting so close to paying it off! Eliminating the cell phone bill should help out with reaching that goal as well 🙂 Finding $100 a month in savings in your budget isn’t easy, so that’s a huge break.

    I plan on picking up some steaks for Mother’s Day and my Dad will end up doing the cooking for us!

  5. Great job with your debt paydown!

  6. It must be relaxing! We must create enough of surplus at the end of each month to allocate to our debt. For most people who are strapped financially, repayment of debt means increasing income, reducing expenses, or both.

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