Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat!

To whoever has time to do this, e-mail me, I have a million other, more important things you could help me with. Source.

To whoever has time to do this, e-mail me, I have a million other, more important things you could help me with. Photo source.

I’ve spoken many times about scheduling and how precious my time is. Just last week I talked about how I get things done via prioritizing. Since this is a personal finance blog (most of the time) I figure we should probably throw some money in the mix, money and how I like to spend it because I simply don’t have time to do everything.

Thank You Pinterest

I don’t think I need to explain what Pinterest is to anyone, but in case you’re unfamiliar, it is a website organizing tool that allows one to ”pin” pictures on ”boards” to organize thoughts, ideas, plans, anything you want in the world. It’s pretty amazing but what it’s the very best of is making regular, everyday people like me feel like less of a woman, wife, mother, blogger, friend. Kidding aside, Pinterest is full of ideas that sort of blow my mind. I’ll admit that I usually start repinning things like a mad woman planning my weekends to include my 257892 newly pinned ideas but ultimately don’t end up doing any of them.

DIY or Sanity?

I’m always intrigued by how and why people save money. It’s a huge reason why I started this blog, to share the commonalities and relate with others, so in this aspect Pinterest can sort of be an awesome tool. Search ‘money saving tips’ and you’ll get thousands of pins, but if I’m being honest, I don’t have time for half this shit.

I don’t have the patience or, more importantly, time, to make and use my own laundry soap. While I may save oodles of money in my lifetime of doing laundry, smart people invented laundry soap that I can buy at almost any store for people just like me.

Paint my nails to match the Sistine chapel. Do any of you women actually do this?! If I really needed my nails done that fancy, I’d be paying someone to do it.

Make my own baby wipes/cloth diapers etc. Yeah, not happening. I buy baby wipes and use disposables. If it makes you feel any better I recycle and compost almost everything else. I pay for baby wipes, or at the very least baby facecloths for wiping and disposable diapers. I’m way too busy to cloth diaper properly.

Clean my entire house with vinegar. I’ll admit it’s pretty tempting to buy a two liter jug of white vinegar to satisfy all my cooking and cleaning needs for the year (at less than $3 per jug) but know what? I don’t like my house smelling like a giant jar of pickles. I enjoy the smell of cleaning supplies, so I buy them!

I may get daggers shot at me through the computer for this one, but car detailing. Our vehicle is a MESS. There are crumbs in every tiny nook and crany of our vehicle (thank you kiddo and road trips). I tried to vacuum the vehicle and it honestly didn’t look like I did anything. Kill me now but I am going to pay someone else to clean it. What would take  an ENTIRE day to clean I can have someone else do for me while I’m being productive doing other stuff, like making money.

Some conveniences in life are worth it. Laundry soap is one of them for me. I often think about how better my time can be spent and these are things I could’t be bothered doing. Some for time-saving purposes, others, because I simply don’t want to do it.

What do you spend money on in spite of your frugality?

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  1. Hmmm, I don’t have time to cook stuff in advance. I know I should, I know it would save me a pile of time and money, but I just don’t have time to spend a whole day putting frozen meals together!

    Good post. 🙂

  2. I think a lot of it comes down to determining what counts as needs and what counts as wants. When our million year supply of laundry detergent from my in-laws runs out, we’ll probably try making it because my spouse is allergic to a lot of soaps. Plus, it’s cheap, like me.
    The Asian Pear does her nails all fancy like and one of my friends does as well. I have to find my nail polish remover to clean up my nails from a mini-mani 3 weeks ago, for contrast.

  3. Your house won’t smell like pickles if you clean with vinegar. It does have a strong scent but it’s also one that goes away quickly. If I clean the counters with vinegar (half vinegar, half water), leave the kitchen and come back 5-10 minutes later, there’s no smell, but there are clean counters!

    We do use stronger stuff (409 or something along those lines) for cleaning sinks and such, as well as ultra-strong stuff for our shower. But for everyday cleaning, the vinegar works great. I would definitely reconsider your stance.

    • I know that the smell doesn’t really linger but the smell of vinegar while using it makes my stomach turn, I guess I could maybe use a mask from work?

  4. Lol. I pay for car detailing about once a year too. I have never been able to clean it well enough.

  5. I agree with you on most of these – some small conveniences are worth it. And I really don’t think that a lot of the DIY “money saving” things that you find on Pinterest save money at all! When you actually break down the cost of your supplies vs how much it would be to buy the already-made product at the store, you’re actually spending more to make it yourself (especially if you have lots of leftover ingredients or products that you’re not going to use again – then you’re not only spending more, but you’re being wasteful). There ARE some great tips out there that I think are worth the time to put together, but you’ve gotta weed through all the not-so-great ideas to find them.. and I guess that takes time in itself!

    I do second Money Beagle – vinegar doesn’t leave a smell behind when you use it properly as a household cleaner. That means not using 100% vinegar, but as part of a solution (1 part water to 1 part vinegar, for example; you can also add in a tiny bit of baking soda and dish soap). I use a vinegar solution to clean our floors. We have pets so I don’t want to use conventional cleaners with harsh chemicals and the green cleaners are just way to expensive for me to justify when I can use something as cheap and effective as vinegar.

    • Sooo true, unless you conveniently have a whole stock pile of stuff to work with, which I don’t think most people do, then it can be expensive!

  6. Ha, that’s why I don’t have a Pinterest account 🙂 I feel like it makes you think everything should be made from scratch and it totally can make you feel inadequate. And I agree with you about diapers/wipes; good post!!

  7. I agree that sometimes convenience is worth it. If you think you could be spending your time more productively, then it makes sense not to go the DIY route. I rarely find myself with a bunch of time to do things from scratch (like cook or re-do furniture), but I am slightly interested in making soap. I’d have to wait for my stock to run out though. I hate cleaning my car, I do it once or twice a year if it looks really bad. I try not to spend much time in it so there’s less to clean!

  8. Some conveniences are worth the money. You just have to make sure that you are not always paying for conveniences and that they are a good value.

  9. I don’t do too many DIY stuff, but when I do, I do them to create things instead of saving money. I’m 100% with you on detergent, cleaning product, etc.

  10. I pay for dry cleaning. I could save money by washing and drying some of my clothes myself, but I choose not to as there is a strong possibility I will ruin them. Plus I don’t have tennis balls to put in my washing machine along with my puffer jacket.

  11. I admit, we’re the DIY junkies. Most times it works out great, sometimes I open up my wife’s cell phone to replace the screen and damage the motherboard, losing $150. You know, normal stuff like that.

    But we do use vinegar in our cleaning solution and as a weed killer, we cloth diaper, my wife make baby wipes, I detail our cars, and my wife was VERY interested in the laundry soap, but we never got around to it.

    We also to DIY repairs for all home stuff, and design/decor for our house. We’ve easily saved THOUSANDS on the big stuff. Plus it has our personal touches (and blunders) that we love.

    DIY on the stuff you feel comfortable with, and forget about all those pins out there. Even with all our DIY, we still feel inadequate after 10 minutes on Pinterest. I think it’s designed that way, lol.

    • It`s funny we DIY pretty much everything we can- my husband is handy and I have a vested interest in it, but some things, like car detailing I couldn’t be bothered with, especially with teh size of our vehicle and the amount of dirt from kiddo and mud.

  12. Something that comes to mind is salads. I eat a green salad almost every night, but I buy the mixed greens in a bag. I find going through cleaning lettuce (various kinds) and chopping to be too much of a chore. Hey, better that I’m eating a salad at all right?

    • Yes good point. I also usually buy the kits becuase buying individual parts, yet cheaper, yes you get more, for us, will spoil. It’s not something I can freeze so often if I buy too much will spoil. A bag will get eaten up.

  13. Oh gees, a ton of things! I’ve also been curious about doing a ton of DIY things I’ve seen on Pinterest, but I usually end up thinking like that meme “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

  14. I totally break my food budget every month. I am just so damn busy and exhausted that it’s so much easier to order a pizza. As my friend pointed out, though, I am not allowed to complain about how busy I am since I got myself into this mess haha.

  15. and if you buy generic laundry soap it can get really cheap, so yeah, I hear yah, certain things are just worth the convenience! Just think how life changing things like refrigerators, freezers, washing machine, dish-washers have been! All of these things cost money because they require electricity and water, but I don´t see people cutting out these wonderful conveniences! 😉 Better to spend the limited time you have after work with your wonderful family:-)

  16. I have to spend money on my pedicures. That’s just something I’m not willing to give up. For me it’s too much work to do my own pedicures. Plus, my time at the spa is very therapeutic and it helps me cope with a very stressful worklife. Now I did start to save by wearing my own nails instead of acrylic and I’m happy with that.

  17. I usually go out instead of cooking because of fatigue. I also tried making my deodorant which didn’t work out very well 🙂 I stopped doing that as it was too much work and it didn’t work!

  18. We pay someone to come in and clean our house, otherwise, it just wouldn’t get done. Both Dad and I hate to clean. Saves us some money in that we don’t have to buy our own cleaners, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t save us the cost of paying her to come in 🙂

  19. I don’t make my detergents either, though my older relatives actually knew and used to do this years ago. Needless to say they buy the stuff too now. I don’t wash my car. I pay around 10 bucks and a guy is cleaning it nicely and it does look washed/vacuumed. I’d waste 45 minutes doing this, my time costs more. I think some of the things we’d do for the sake of frugality would cost us more in terms of time and comfort. I would hate having my house smell like pickles too, I’d better pay someone to do something for me, if that means in that allotted time I can earn MORE than his service fee.

  20. I have never been in the DIY camp until a few months ago. Now, after buying our house, it has drastically changed. We pretty much do everything ourselves, including building our own furniture. I am due in 3 weeks and I plan to cloth diaper. I have made all the mobiles/toys myself. I will be buying disposable wipes though. I just made a batch of body lotion, lip balm, baby soap, baby diaper rash cream and a few other body products. These days our policy is we will try to do everything ourselves once, just because I like to learn how things are done. After that depending on the effort and price, we will decide which way to go. After the baby comes depending on how busy we are, it will change. For example, we have already hired someone to mow our lawn for the next 4 months. We are looking to have someone come and clean the house for a few months too. We will have to find a balance eventually.

  21. I’m not a Pinterest user. Do people actually use it to organize??

  22. I really like certain DIY projects (there’s something so satisfying to me about making things myself). But others, I have no interest in (usually cooking-which is not a good thing since eating out is expensive and not always healthy). I’m trying to get better about cooking at home. Convenience foods make it easier so I’m willing to pay a little more for chopped greens and baby carrots because they “make me” eat healthier foods that I wouldn’t bother to prepare myself.

  23. I don’t get time to sleep because I am in college doing MBA and a part time job all while running a small business. But I think the main problem with me is that I don’t keep things organized the way it should be and because of that I don’t get much time to sleep. After reading this article I would really need to try pinterest and see how my life changes because of it.


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