5 Gift Ideas for Those Who Hate Valentines Day AND $100.00 Giveaway!

First off, can we all please have a look at my snazzy new header?? Isn’t it lovely?! It was made by a local graphic/web designer, Aaron Jeffrey who was great to work with, super fast and has unbeatable pricing. If anyone is in the market for any graphic design needs please message me for details!

For me,Valentines Day is a crock of shit roses. I know millions of people feel completely different on this subject soaking up all the lovey-dovey-kissy-barfy gooiness up but not for this little lady. I’d hope that my husband treats me the same everyday, and shouldn’t be reminded at every corner that on February 14th he is to show me affection or he’s going to rot in hell. This has nothing to do with frugality either.

I’m not a total V-day hater though. Hubby bought our baby girl Valentines to ‘sign’ (as best she can at 8 months) and mail out (to the friends she doesn’t yet know she has). It’s pretty cute. I enjoyed Valentines day in elementary school with the candy giving and friends swapping cards, as an adult I just can’t buy into the insanity of it all.

Are you a Valentines day hater too, but unsure if your significant other feels the same way about the big day? Don’t screw up, buy a gift! It’s always better to buy something and have them tell you they sort of hate Valentines day as well, rather than finding out they actually secretly love it and are left heartbroken.

Without putting too much strain on your wallet, here are five gift ideas, for men and women that will be well received and won’t break the bank:

  1. Expensive chocolate. You read that right, I’m telling you it’s better to buy a small amount of expensive chocolate than a lot of cheap crap. Trust me. I’m a woman of many moods, all of which require chocolate.
  2. Flowers. It doesn’t have to be roses, tulips for example are pretty and inexpensive. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t love having flowers in her home.
  3. Time with YOU. This one is super cheap. Stay home, unplug the TV, computer, iDevices and entertain yourselves 😉
  4. A board game you can do together or as a family. Again, this gets back to the whole quality time thing.
  5.  A framed photo. Frame their favorite picture; couple photo, pic of child/pet, sports hero…a picture you know they love but don’t yet fully enjoy in a frame.

So there ya have it folks, you can celebrate the big day without breaking the bank! To help you out a little, I’m co-hosting a $100.00 cash giveaway (your choice, $100.00 paypal cash or Amazon giftcard) Good Luck!

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  1. Glad to be in a giveaway with you! Your header looks awesome by the way.

  2. Great ideas Catherine & I agree that we should be the same every day and not on some over commercialized greeting card holiday. While I try and get something I know my wife has been wanting, #3 is huge. We’re always so busy that time together with nothing electronic is always nice. Love the new header by the way. 🙂

  3. I like the new header, well done! I am a hater like you. I don’t like the day and I am glad that my wife feels the same way.

  4. I think the new header is awesome! It has taken your blog to a whole new level and color is great!! I actually have a fan looking for a designer now so I pass the info along. When it comes to V-Day we are more about spending time together, writing love notes and poems, cooking a nice meal, baking something special and ….. well you know. It doesn’t have to be roses and chocolates, we should tell our loved ones every day how much we are in love with them, at least we do! Cheers

    • haha aren’t you sweet…poem writing 🙂 Let me know if your fan needs anymore info! Thanks Mr CBB, I can’t wait for your blog relaunch!

  5. I like the new look. Almost didn’t recognize the site when I first brought it up!

  6. Nice header – love it! I like Valentine’s Day, but it’s become so commercial. A lot of unnecessary expectation when – as you so aptly said – love should be felt/shown every day. Not just one day of the year! And I completely agree – give me two pieces of insanely good, but expensive chocolate than a humongous valentine of gross, cheap chocolate. Never going to turn down roses, but star gazer lilies also make me very happy. 🙂

  7. I love hearing different people’s take on Valentine’s Day because each person seems to have a strong opinion one way or another about it. I personally love it!! And amen on the expensive chocolate… totally worth it!

    p.s. Love the new look!

  8. Love the new look & happy to be co-hosting with you! 🙂

  9. Love the new header and love good chocolate. I don’t care much about Valentine’s day, but it does happen to be the day the bf and I officially started dating (cliche and weird, I know). We took a trip to Seattle together, and then started dating, so it’s always a meaningful day for us.

  10. I totally agree about buying expensive chocolate. Cheap chocolate is disgusting. I would rather have two good chocolates than 30 nasty ones any day!

  11. I don’t think anything can beat the “time with you” option. Although the expensive chocolates are pretty nice too!

  12. Like the new header! Love the framed photo idea.

  13. Best gift was a homemade dinner.

  14. I am not a big fan of the thing, but a nice card saying I love you and a lovely dinner at home can do wonders.

  15. The give away is so great. Thank you for sharing this awesome post!

  16. Roselia Shambrook says:

    It’s a lot of fun to get and give an assortment of gifts items and it’s a good way to ensure that everyone is included in the family during the happy occasion. It’s especially good to remember any other little brothers or sisters in the family, who may perhaps and probably feel somewhat left out by all the fuss over the new baby.^

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