5 Celebrities and the Surprisingly Affordable (And Normal) Cars They Drive

Did you hear about what happened to comedian Tracy Morgan? According to CNN, the actor had literally just purchased a $2 million Bugatti supercar and was a half-mile from the dealership when a woman sideswiped him.


While it is hard to imagine spending this kind of money on a car only to have it smashed into mere minutes later, you might also assume that all celebs typically buy these types of incredibly expensive and fancy cars.

Interestingly, this is not always the case. A wide variety of celebrities, including actors and actresses, musicians, athletes and more, drive rather regular rides—pretty much like the ones that we do to get around town.

So, if you have always wanted to say you own a car just like a celebrity, you can definitely do that. For example, check out these accessible and normal cars that celebs drive, that you could buy new or used:

Adele – Mini Cooper

With her amazing voice and successful career that has earned her a pretty penny, singer Adele could probably drive pretty much any car she wants. As U.S. News and World Report notes, Adele has been spotted driving around London in a very modest, yet extremely cute, four-door Mini Cooper. The base price of this vehicle is $21,600, which is a very reasonable price for a car.

James Harden – Chevy Camaro

The star of the NBA team Houston Rockets, who is also known as “The Beard,” could easily purchase a Beemer, Bentley or Benz. But instead, the talented baller gets around Houston in a customized Chevy Camaro that is already a few years old. The base price of this type of car is just under $26,000, which is quite reasonable for an all-American muscle car with plenty of power. Interestingly, Harden shows a ton of power on the court—maybe he chose his vehicle to match his playing style?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Ford Truck

One reason The Rock drives a Ford pickup truck instead of a smaller and zippier luxury vehicle, notes Kiwi Report, is his size. The Rock has a big personality and a physique to match, so he might not squeeze into a BMW Z4 or Ferrari. However, while he could have splurged on a huge SUV like one of the larger Cadillac Escalades or other options, he gets his errands done like the rest of us in a modest Ford truck.

Jennifer Lawrence – Volkswagen Eos

For two years running, Jennifer Lawrence was the highest-paid actress on the planet. She could have probably joined Morgan at the Bugatti dealership if she wanted—hopefully with much better results—but instead she still drives a $35K Volkswagen Eos. The sport compact cabriolet style car looks great and Lawrence probably gets a lot of satisfaction from driving it, as well as keeping more of her hard-earned money in the bank instead of the vehicle.

Conan O’Brien – Ford Taurus

You would never know that Conan O’Brien has had an incredibly successful career by looking at his car. The comedian drives a 1992 Ford Taurus SHO, which is obviously been a trusty ride for him. O’Brien must really love this car to hang onto it for so long, and you have to admire his sticking with an older car instead of plopping down big bucks on pretty much whatever vehicle he wants. If you want to be like O’Brien, you can check local dealerships to see if they have one in stock—you should be able to score a Ford Taurus SHO for a few thousand bucks.

Whatever Car You Drive, Protect It and Your Wallet with a Warranty

Even if the aforementioned celebs drive pretty affordable cars, they could technically go out and buy something much spendier if they wanted to. For the rest of us, we might not have room in the budget to get a new vehicle whenever we wanted, so we must take extra-special care of the car that we have. Regardless of whether you are going to be like Adele, Harden, The Rock or other celebs and buy a car like they have, or you want to hang onto your existing vehicle for years longer, you should look into buying an extended car warranty. Many companies offer multiple levels of vehicle protection that will help to save you money on car repairs—which will keep your car running safely while not draining your bank account.

Drive Like the Celebs

It is pretty cool to know that you don’t have to shell out $2 million to have a car like your fave celebrity. Many famous people have practical, affordable and quite normal vehicles, which means you can also live the celebrity lifestyle while you are on the road.

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