The 3 Best Free Online Games for 2017

office-820390_640There was once a time when gaming was considered to be quite an expensive hobby to have. The only way you could really enjoy a quality gaming session was to invest in a costly console and then pay through the nose for an overpriced game to play on it.

That doesn’t even take into account all the bells and whistles and exciting gaming accessories you could also buy in order to enhance your experience.

However as the years progressed the way in which gaming was to be priced would dramatically change thanks to the mobile gaming revolution.

Nowadays smartphone owners have the privilege of being able to have instant access to millions and millions of online games and with free-to-play business models being adopted by the vast majority of developers now it’s a hugely lucrative industry that benefits both developers and, from a cost-based perspective, players too.

There is a multitude of free online games out there but what have been the best we’ve seen this year so far?


A few years back the Daybreak Game Company finally unveiled the follow-up to its hit MMO first-person shooter. ‘PlanetSide 2’ landed in 2012 pitting together three factions who participate in huge battles in order to take control of various territories on the planet Auraxis.

It’s an impressive gaming experience and the action on the battlefield is epic especially when you consider that hundreds of players can get involved simultaneously. In fact it holds the record for the biggest ever first-person shooter battle which featured more than 1100 players in just one single battle.


Since its Disney buy-out the ‘Star Wars’ franchise is once more going from strength to strength thanks to the myriad of new movies and spin-offs hitting theatres over the next few years.

The all-out sci-fi action is the perfect fodder for the gaming industry and even though it hasn’t always been a glorious transition there have been a few notable exceptions.

‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ was released in 2008 and it uses the free-to-play model and the game itself gives players the perfect opportunity to experience the ‘Star Wars’ universe from a variety of new perspectives including playing as a Bounty Hunter, a Sith Inquisitor or even an Imperial Agent.


It’s not just PCs that offer free gaming opportunities. The mobile market is filled to the brim with excellent games and apps. Sites such as Play Cosmo can help you find free spin offers for different online casino games.

But if you’d rather enjoy playing cards without the fear of losing money you can always try out Supercell’s ‘Clash Royale’. You can challenge other online players in order to win (or lose) duels which will earn you trophies and help you pick up cards and build decks.

It’s just like playing those collectible card games when you were young but it also manages to combine elements of tower defense and other exciting features.

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    Well, online games are very entertaining, and these three are really memorable game. There are so many versions of Star Wars are available on the internet, but the first version is really important. I really like if you can give more information about such games.

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