Weekly Reads 25.01.13

This has been a tough week. Baby girl has been SUCKING at sleep. She’s never been great, though I thought we were making some headway, alas, No. Worst of all? The ‘man cold’ has found it’s way to my house. Please help me God. I love you hunny ๐Ÿ˜‰

Because I love them, first some funny search terms for you:

  • can i give my friend 25 million dollars? (Yes, I will gladly send you my address)
  • how to decorate your own house like a gingerbread house (Umm… Whyyyyy?)
  • frugal strippers (I’m sort of dumbfounded by this one…)

Given that this was such a busy week I was a little lazy on the blog reading/commenting and as I’ve said before, I don’t recommend posts unless I’ve read and enjoyed them but here a few I did manage to squeeze in. Enjoy!

”See” you on Monday!

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    • You still have a teeny tiny baby!! They have needs that have to be addressed….by 7months she’s not hungry, or cold, or need a diaper change she just wants mommy.

    • it’s my husband who’s sick, not my daughter so I have two children to take care of ๐Ÿ˜‰ He has however informed me that a ”man cold” is real thing and that men experience more discomfort when sick than women…he’s lucky I love him.

  1. Yes, the man cold: the most serious of all inflictions. That won’t change either, Catherine, not even after 16+ years of marriage. :-). What worked as far as sleeping with all of our 4 babies was waking them every 3 hrs during the day, regardless, to feed. Then at night we’d let them sleep, or if they woke, we tried to rock them back to sleep instead of feeding them. Might work for your little one?
    Laurie @ The Frugal Farmer recently posted..How to Have a Frugal Superbowl PartyMy Profile

    • That’s what I’m starting to do now, I’m a little worried about my supply dropping but I’m sure it’ll even out after a few days. I’ve slowly been feeding a little less at night.

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