Weekly Reads: 23.11.12

Today I’m blogging over at L Bee and the Money Tree so make sure you check it out!

This weekend marks my official Christmas kick-off! I plan on decorating the house (minus the tree since we get a real one and it would be well and dead by Christmas if we got one now). We’re having my sister-in-law, her boyfriend and my husband’s cousins over for some epic gingerbread house building. I can’t wait (for all the left over candy…)

What my gingerbread house looks like in my head…

What it actually looks like.

If I have time I plan on trying to make some baby leg warmers too, they are ridiculously cute but WAY over priced ($15.00+shipping for long socks essentially, don’t think so!). They would look super cute on kiddo, who you can see on my L Bee post today, her internet debut for you guys in her Halloween costume. CUTENESS WARNING.

This was a bit of a quite week for posts given the American Thanksgiving (and that every second post was about Black Friday) but here are my favorites!

Pauline has a great guest post over at Monster Piggy Bank about things you SHOULD be spending you hard earned money on.

Kim has a great guest post over at Frugal Rules about advocacy in healthcare.

Cat from Budget Blonde has a great post about budgeting making you SMART not POOR. So true.

Lauren (Miss L Bee) celebrates her 100th post!

John has a great follow-up post about losing his son and what he is thankful for.

Sicorra write about New Years Resolutions

Mr CBB and I are on the same wavelength because as he posted this post about which is cheaper, store bought or homemade I was having the exact.same. thought.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!

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  1. Truthfully we usually don’t either but with kiddo around this year I need my husband’s help more than ever and starting next weekend we’re jam packed busy with Christmas-related events so it needs to get done this weekend! Yeah it’s probably a little difficult to grow fur trees in Aus?!

  2. Haha, your gingerbread house still looks ten times better than the ones I make. I think for most products it’s financially cheaper to make at home, but it gets more complex once you factor in the time you’d need to make something and we have to balance our value for time vs money. Have a great weekend :)
    Liquid recently posted..Twinkies – A Hot CommodityMy Profile

    • I use to cry at the thought of a real tree as a kid but now I get the convenience and $$ factor…having said that we don`t have the room to store a tree and I love the smell of a real tree too much!

    • It’s so much fun! I wouldn’t get it any earlier than the first week of Dec- water almost every day- stick you finger in the base and you’ll feel the water level. Enjoy- your little abode will smell amazing!

    • December is crazy, goes way too fast which is why we’re starting early with some stuff this year! I can’t wait to bake…

  3. I laughed at the ideal pic of the gingerbread house and your actual rendition but I know your results would be way more impressive than mine if I were to try lol!
    K.K. @ Living Debt Free Rocks! recently posted..My Weekly T.G.I.F.My Profile

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