Weekly Reads 14.12.12

In two short weeks Christmas will be over…how crazy is that?! Our daughter celebrated her ”half birthday” this week on 12/12/12, 6 months already! This week has been so busy for me/my family that I didn’t get much blogging done so I apologize to all my Yakezie team mates! I think I’ve read maybe 10 posts all week 🙁

We’re hosting a Christmas get-together tonight for 12 people- should be fun! Tomorrow is my staff Christmas party, I’m excited to see everyone since being off on maternity leave and Sunday my sister and I will be baking all. day. long.long in our annual Christmas baking day, Yum!

Thanks to Anne from Unique Gifter for helping me out with a guest post this week- if you haven’t already, check it out for some Fun and Frugal Dinner Party Ideas.

Here are the posts that I did manage to read and enjoy:

Help out Debt Roundup and offer your tips/advice about money/saving/PF!

Remember to enter the $100.00 giveaway I’m co-hosting which ends at end of day today!

Have a great weekend; I have to face the crowds and finish our Christmas shopping, a small price to pay for our cash Christmas (feels good to have everything accounted for!). Monday you’ll find me over at Michelle’s casa, Making Sense of Cents!

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