Weekly Reads 11.01.13

funny cat

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If you remember from last week I mentioned that I was entering a week of sleep training with our daughter…we’re a week in and it’s going great, actually there has been almost no training it’s as if she knew exactly what to do! I’m still waiting to make sure it’s well established before counting my chickens so-to-speak but things are going well…for now…

This week I finally broke the 100k mark for Alexa too. Before Christmas I said I was aiming to break it for Jan 01 but it came on Jan 07, a week late, not too bad especially since Jan 01 was a pretty lofty goal.

This week I wrote two posts on my blog (other than this one) and one post over at Kids Ain’t Cheap:

Here are a few other great reads to enjoy:

I have another exciting giveaway lined up for next week…I’ll give you a hint…it has to do with ‘Rules’ ;)

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