Sometimes We Have To Spend a Little Money On Fun

I’m a self-confessed money hoarder. I like watching bank accounts grow and hate watching money leave accounts even if it’s for necessities. I sometimes spend too much time deciding if even the smallest of purchases are worth it and am known to neglect myself if it means saving a buck.

When I think about how much money I wasted in my younger years I cringe. I know everyone has made money mistakes and regrets, and I recently talked about how our finances have matured, but to this day I can still feel the pocketbook stings. Lessons learned.

old-triangle-sign-brickHubby and I very quickly grew tired of the bar scene in university. I’m not much of a drinker to begin with (odd beer or glass of wine) combined with being a self-confessed homebody means I’m easy to please when it comes to entertaining. The idea of having a bunch of dumb drunk chicks who are dressed like they raided the children’s section of a department store and pouring drinks all over me, no matter how much I may have had to drink is not my idea of a good time, ever. Hubby likes a social drink but we quickly realized having people over for a cheaper and safer night in somewhere was the way to go. Long story short, we never go out to bars or pubs unless it’s to grab a quick bite before a hockey game sort of thing (which is a common thing even for families with kids since our city has the highest concentration of bars and pubs per capita in the country). Only Halifax would erect a giant statue of a brewmaster and celebrate his birthday every year like a national holiday.

Hubby’s birthday was last week but we had delayed celebrations. Our friends decided we should change things up and (gasp) actually go out to celebrate, I agreed. It was time I broke out of my yoga pants weekend attire and let loose a little. It had been years since a bunch of us planned a night out, years. I knew it wouldn’t be cheap but I accepted that sometimes money needs to be spent and enjoyed.

We made reservations at a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try, hit up a comedy club and spent a few hours at one of the oldest pubs in the city before heading back to a hotel room for the night (at least walking everywhere saved on cabs). The hotel we stayed at was super cheap. It would have cost us at least $60 in cab fare to get home so we opted to split a room with another couple for $104 total ($52 per couple). We couldn’t figure out why this particular hotel was so cheap and discovered on check-in that they’re undergoing a renovation. The room was totally fine but they were starting work on the walls/floors/walls. For $100 and a bed to sleep in I don’t care what’s going on in the hall!

It was a great night with great friends. We had a few new experiences that I’m looking forward to trying again in the future. It was a good reminder that sometimes we need to enjoy our hard-earned money.

When was the last time you spent some cash on a good/fun experience?


  1. I suffer from the same affliction where I find it so hard to spend a little on myself now that I realize the damage I did in the past.

    I had a nice night out back in November when one of my girlfriends was back from AB, around the same stomping grounds as you were for your celebration. (I am so trying to figure out where you live too that is $60 cabfare from DT!) glad you enjoyed yourself 🙂 I also forgot how hilly the downtown is 🙂
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    • We live in the outskirts of Cole Harbour so $60 would be about right from DT Hali! And yes, you get a workout in Haifax!

  2. Haha you sound a lot like me. The other day Wes and I were talking about this. I told him that I enjoy watching our money grow since I’m a money hoarder. He laughed at me and said he know I was being serious.

    Last week was Wes’s birthday and even though we haven’t been out together in forever, we went to a bar and played pool with his friends. It was a lot of fun!
    Michelle recently posted..Reasons You’re Still In DebtMy Profile

  3. This coming Sunday is my daughter’s birthday, we’ve been saving money for these past few months because we are going to have a birthday party. We spend a bit money buying foods, preparing the stuff like balloons and decorations, but I know it would be fun! And I’m sure that my “not so” little girl will enjoy her birthday bash!
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  4. Yesterday. My friends and I decided to hangout at Mcdonald’s for a while because we don’t have any classes that day and we end up eating too much unhealthy stuff, but at least we had fun talking and making jokes at each other while we were there. 🙂
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  5. I’m ALL about enjoying life, Catherine, as long as it fits in the budget. I don’t agree with those that would shame people in debt for enjoying themselves. We always had (still have) our targets for debt payments, but also remember that we need to have a little fun as to not get burned out completely depriving ourselves. Good for you for having a great b-day with your hubby. Two weeks ago we took our 3rd annual neighborhood trip to the Wisconsin Dells where there are lots of indoor water parks and fun things for kids of all ages (even 40!).
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  6. I’m with you on being more of a money hoarder and a homebody. My boyfriend is also a homebody, so we don’t go out often. I don’t like drinking/bar scenes much either, but sometimes it’s nice to break out of the routine and have fun. I’d like to plan a weekend getaway soon on the cheap, just for a change of scenery.
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  7. Sounds like a super-fun night! My husband is like you — he loves to save and hates to spend. Luckily, I’m not much of a drinker and am similarly not excited about spending my evening with a bunch of coeds (dressed in kids’ department garb – genius!). It’s usually me who suggests and plans the occasional night out and he always has fun. It’s all about balance!
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  8. Happy Birthday to your husband. It sounds like you both had a well-deserved night out of fun. I wholeheartedly agree with Travis – no one should be shamed into not having responsible fun, even when they are getting out debt. Frankly, I think not allowing yourself to have fun makes your debt repayment journey much harder and increases the likelihood of you quitting. Allowing yourself to have fun … on a budget just proves that you can do it in my mind.
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  9. We as PF bloggers have the tendency to hoard cash and then forget about ourselves. This is clearly a recipe for self destruction. I am glad you guys had a little fun.Hope it was great!
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  10. I sound a lot like you minus the kiddo. I let my guard down quite a bit last month but just doing stuff like eating out a bit more than usual. I’m trying to save a lot for my Iceland trip so I’m not pinching pennies when I travel.
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  11. That’s so cool that you split a hotel room with other friends. My grandparents drove across country twice with their best friends and they split hotel rooms 80% of the time. They had a rule that if they found rooms for under $30 a night, the each got one and for more than that they split it. It sounded like an amazing trip!

    And yours sounded like a great night out!
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  12. My debt free journey includes 2 nights out per month with a meal under $25.00 for me and my daughter. In fact I have become so creative in creating fun times together without spending money, that I don’t believe my daughter realizes that we have been living in Frugalville. (Yes….its a word because I made it up). You just have to think out of the box.

    Love your post

  13. I wish I was more like you. Not that I go out to party or anything, but just to eat out and not have to cook is enough temptation for me. But you should go out and enjoy different things time to time and you did. Sounds like a lot of fun and it’s good that you have a group of friends that you hang out regularly.
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  14. I’ve been guilty of the same thing for years. Even if it’s something I truly need, I hate spending the money as I know it’ll impact the bank account. I think a large part of that goes back to how I had to live while paying off debt. That said it’s so important to have those times like this where you go out and have fun as life is meant to be lived. Our last time doing so was in Vegas a few weeks back and thankful a lot of it was on rewards because I think I would be having a fit if we spent that much of our own money. 🙂
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  15. I went out a couple of weekends ago with my sister to her friend’s bday at a nearby club for older people (catering towards people in their late 20s, 30s, and 40s). I had an awesome time because nobody was stumbling around drunk or trying to grab my ass. I actually knew most of the songs that they played and sang along to them.

    I think because I rarely go out, the odd times I do go out and let loose make them seem so much more worthwhile.

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