My Pre-Christmas Haul

1386974106607But Christmas hasn’t happened yet…

I mentioned last week that for Christmas my husband and I decided to forgo the traditional ”you shop for me, I shop for you” route and instead opted for a hotel for the evening and enjoyed each others company.

The evening was great. It was a little late starting due to babysitter issues, and when we finally got on the road it was getting messy due to some snow but we made it to the hotel, checked in then immediately went shopping. Our plan was to get all of our Christmas shopping done as well pick up a few items we both needed  as part of our ”Christmas gift” to each other.

I’m happy to report that other than one person, which someone else is now picking up instead, we got all of our shopping done! I didn’t know if we would be able to do it in a few hours but with a little planning and a game plan to go with it, we executed pretty well! Organization goes a long way this time of year!

We both needed a few items that we were able to finally pick up thanks to a little extra cash my hubby set aside from overtime. I won’t lie, it felt great to be able to finally buy some of these things without feeling guilty about it!

I bought a new winter jacket that was much needed. I managed to get a great deal and got it on sale for $99 plus and extra $10 off since they did a price match. For $89 I can confidently say I will get my money’s worth and wear it for a few years. I was wearing my last jacket for over five years so hope to get three to five more years out of this one.

I bought a really nice warm sweater on sale 50% off, an item needed in my pathetic wardrobe. I rarely buy new clothes (unless they’re cheapy ones from places like Walmart) and the last really good quality sweater I bought, I still own, and wear from six years ago. From the same store I bought a nice dress shirt for my upcoming staff party also on sale 50% off and with these purchases we received a beautiful ”free” winter toque valued at $25 that I will wear, especially during the Olympics (go Canada!).

I added a new bra and slippers to the cart and we were done for me. I also had a pair of new black flats on my list, went to the store where they were on sale for, you guess it, 50% off, and they had one pair left, in my size! I tried on the display shoe but she couldn’t find the match :( Womp Womp. No shoes for me. I might still order them online though since leather flats for $25 is too good to pass up.

My husband opted to use his money to upgrade his dying cell phone. I’ve already discussed how his phone is for work but they don’t cover his bill (insert huge annoying grunt here) so he needs it to be reliable and his old Blackberry was dying a slow death. He was almost done his contract anyway so upgraded early when the phone he wanted was on for $0. He joined the Android world with the HTC One, what a great phone. He’s happy with it. We also had new work pants on his list but the store didn’t have the ones he wanted so we still need to go buy them at another location.

None of our purchases were extravagant and I’m happy with how we chose to spend our money. Oh, and the hotel was great. I slept in until 8:30am and it was amazing! I still feel good about getting that much sleep days later :) Everyone should get eight hours of sleep, I forgot how great it felt. Kiddo had fun playing with her aunt and we got a much needed break.

How is everyone else’s Christmas plans coming along?


  1. Sounds like you got some good deals and some R and R. They should tide you over for quIte awhile, too. Most of my clothes are at least 5 years old now, or were gifts, mostly from my Mom. That’s great that you had OT money from your hubby!
    Anne @ Unique Gifter recently posted..Baking Mixes in Mason Jars as Holiday GiftsMy Profile

  2. Awesome shopping – even in the crazy stormy weather we had this weekend! I have one last gift to buy, but then I am done. I really should get on it so I can just get it all checked off my list.
    Alicia @ Financial Diffraction recently posted..Christmas on a Budget.My Profile

  3. Organization is key! Great progress on your shopping; it must be nice to have Christmas shopping out of the way with Christmas still more than a week away.

    It’s sad how 8:30AM is considered sleeping in with a child, eh? Pre baby, I used to sleep in till 10-12AM on weekends! Now I’m happy if I get 7 hours of sleep. :)
    Emily @ Urban Departures recently posted..Handmade Holiday: Zipper Tree Christmas OrnamentMy Profile

  4. Nice!
    I bought myself something for Christmas this year- kind’ve. A new bedding set. My old duvet cover is missing buttons and my kids have pulled the fringes off of the matching pillows.
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Are Humans Meant to Eat Meat? A RantMy Profile

  5. That was a great idea! Get all your shopping done in one shot and then go relax at a hotel! I just did mine super early (1st 2 weeks of November) because I hate crowds, lines, and feeling rushed. Sounds like you got a good haul and nice prices :)

    Man, 8:30 is sleeping in? I can’t wait to have kids ;)
    Morgaine recently posted..Weekly Spending Report: Dec 9-15My Profile

    • I also hate all of the above mentioned but since we had a plan of attack it wasn’t too bad. There is NO way I could/would have done it without a list.

  6. Sounds like an awesome haul! Glad you were able to finish up your shopping and have a relaxing night together :)

    Yeah, I enjoy 8-9 hours of sleep every single night. I’m sure it is totally worth the lack of sleep to have a cute kiddo but I will definitely miss my sleep when that time comes!
    Erin @ Gen Y Finances recently posted..16 Ways To Save Money On FoodMy Profile

  7. Congrats on spending on yourselves for a change. Little ones often take that luxury away for quite some time.

    Nice to have a great little Auntie so close by that you trust enough for that sort of thing :)

  8. Sounds like a nice haul! I honestly have no idea what to expect in terms of gifts this year, but would be happy with just a couple of the things on the list I posted last week. :)

    My plans are all in place. I’m done my shopping, most of my gifts are wrapped and now I just need to take them home to Victoria! Merry Christmas!
    Cait recently posted..Getting Serious About Savings in 2014My Profile

  9. It sounds like a great time! I absolutely HATE buying clothes. My wife gets on me about that because even when I try stuff on and like them, I hate the price and decide not to get them. haha!

    I think it’s great you got to sleep in till 8:30. With three kids of my own I know and appreciate that benefit when it happens. LOL
    Brad Chaffee recently posted..My American Dream and the Mortgage PromiseMy Profile

  10. I love 50% off sales. That’s amazing you guys were able to bang out your shopping like that. I still have a few items left. I’ve heard great things about the HTC One, and $25 for leather flats is a really good price, I hope you’re able to get them. I’m glad you were able to enjoy sleeping in for a change!
    E.M. recently posted..Buying Breakfast: Is It Worth It?My Profile

  11. Glad you got a lot accomplished and some nice things for yourself and the hubby. I’m done too, but I didn’t have a lot to do in the first place.
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted..From The Biggest Loser to Bionic Body: An Interview with Kim LyonsMy Profile

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