Who is the Highest Paid Football Player?

Highest paid football player
It’s that time of the year again! People will likely only be talking about football until Sunday and then be talking about how happy/mad they are about the outcome of the Super Bowl.

What many of us don’t think about is that while we are watching our favorite players, like Antonio Brown, are getting paid to be out there on the field. Of course, it is something that they love to do but football players make a ton of money (salaries starting at $420,000 per year – and that is for rookies)!

So, who is the highest paid football player and how much do they make?

Football Player Salaries

As previously stated, the starting salary for a rookie in the NFL is $420,000. More experienced players or players that are in high demand are paid even more. At the high end some players have been said to have an annual salary as high as $50 million.

That’s right, $50 million. So, which players are making that much? Who is the highest paid football player?

Who is the Highest Paid Football Player?

The highest paid football player changes from year-to-year depending on the prior season and various other factors. If a player has been a valuable asset to the team they may receive a raise or, if they haven’t been doing great, they may be traded and receive a pay cut.

In 2016, the highest paid football player was the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton. Newton pulled in an astounding $53.1 million during the year. He wasn’t the only football player pulling in some serious cash though.

Top Paid Football Players

Among the highest paid football players are a lot of familiar names like Eli Manning and Julio Jones. How much did they make last year? Here are some of the top paid football players from 2016:

  • Eli Manning ($45 million)
  • Joe Flacco ($44.5 million)
  • Tom Brady ($44.1 million)
  • Russell Wilson ($41.8 million)
  • Philip Rivers ($38 million)
  • Marcell Dareus ($35.2 million)
  • Peyton Manning ($34.2 million)
  • A.J. Green ($33.3 million)
  • Drew Brees ($31 million)
  • Olivier Vernon ($29 million)

And Let’s Not Forget Bonuses

Other names on the list include Carolina’s Luke Kuechly, Atlanta’s Julio Jones and Washington’s Trent Williams. Each of them made more than $25 million in 2016 (and that is before bonuses).

Even football players get bonuses when they perform well. The salaries listed above were pre-playoff season earnings. If the team made it to playoffs each player received $24,000 per game during the playoffs.

Highest paid football player
Additionally, players get more money if the team goes to the Super Bowl. The losing team from the Super Bowl gets paid $53,000 per player while the winning team walks away with $103,000 per player (and let’s not forget those pricey Super Bowl rings).

There’s no doubt that we cherish and even idolize many of the big names in sports. A tremendous amount of stress is put on these players to perform well and stay out of trouble, making them worth millions of dollars a year.

Do you agree with the salaries for football players? Who did you think would be the highest paid football player? 

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The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye

alexandm3My time here is officially done.

I started this blog as a maternity leave hobby back in 2012 when I was off with my daughter. I had no concept of personal finance being the niche I have come to love so much. I just knew my husband and I, at the time were struggling to find our financial footing as we embarked on a maternity leave while managing a huge debt load. Blogging was a familiar creative outlet for both of us so it was a natural thing to pick back up. I was more than happy to have stumbled into such a life changing community.

But, my life has evolved a lot in the last almost five years, and blogging just doesn’t fit anymore. I now have two children, the youngest joining just six weeks ago. My free, used-to-be-blogging time, is now consumed with soccer, ballet, marathon nursing sessions, or spending my very limited free time away from a computer.

I have learned so much from you all over the last few years. From fellow personal finance bloggers to every reader who took time to comment, thank you. Though we’re still working to pay it off, this blog allowed me to aggressively pay some of our debt off. We were able to pay off more than $25,000 per year in non-mortgage debt because of things I learned and applied from blogging. Lessons I still live by today and have allowed us to take a second maternity leave stress-free because we were financially prepared.

Other than the news of adding to our family, my husband also very recently signed a contract to start an exciting new job. 2016 was an extremely stressful year for him professionally and this new job is going to lead to great things for him and our family. His new job will allow us to move forward with reaching our financial goals a lot easier. Even though I’m currently on maternity leave for basically all of 2017 (we haven’t decided if I’ll go back to work for end of October 2017, or January of 2018 yet) we’ll still be able to make some progress on our goals despite living on a significantly reduced income. This is a great feeling and when I do go back to work, paying for full-time childcare for one kid and part-time for the other (as she starts school) won’t feel so daunting. We’re moving in the right direction. Did I mention the mandatory company matched pension that comes with this new job? Yeah that got me pretty excited.

So my words here on this blog are ending but I may be around again. Blogging has proven to come and go at different times of my life.  I’ll still be poking my head in at my favorite blogs (but I’m a lousy commenter) and will continue to air my opinions on Twitter (though, given recent world events I may just quit the internet entirely. Honestly). Thank you for your time and for your interactions, I have really appreciated all of it.

Why Startups Need an Accountant

computer-1185637_640It may not be an essential step to get an accountant for a start-up business as it may seem that you won’t need it at that time – you might think that it’s just additional expenses as you’re still trying to stretch the limited funds you have and you’re cutting costs whenever necessary. One of the ways as an early-stage entrepreneur might do by trying to save money is managing your own finances in the business. If you do have a background in accountancy, it will make sense but if not, then this could cause more problems that can negatively impact your business growth and its success.

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Two Liter Dime Challenge

Two Liter Dime Challenge

You may have heard about savings challenges like the 365 day money challenge, the 52 week money challenge (and its alternatives) and maybe even the 12 week money challenge. They’ve taken the internet by storm and there seems to be a new money challenge coming out every year.

These challenges can make saving money fun. One of the newest challenges, the two liter dime challenge, does just that.

What is the Two Liter Dime Challenge?

The two liter dime challenge is pretty self explanatory. It is another way to make saving money fun. All you need is an empty two liter bottle and the will to start saving every dime you get back in change.

How to Do The Two Liter Dime Challenge

As previously stated all you need is an empty two liter bottle and dime to perform the two liter dime challenge. What you do is set the two liter bottle up in a place that is easy to access in your home (most people put it in the kitchen). You can decorate the bottle to make it a bit more appealing or leave it clear.

Once you have the bottle set up the way you want it start filling it with dimes. You can put dimes from anywhere in the bottle (change from the store, change found at home, etc). Continue to put the dimes in the two liter until it is slap full.

How Much Can You Save?

Once you’ve completed the two liter dime challenge by filling up the bottle with dimes you can cash them in. There are a couple of ways to do this.

You can roll the dimes and bring them to the bank (this will give you the most savings) or you can bring them to a CoinStar and get cash. CoinStar, however, will take about 10 percent of the amount of money you put into the machine.

If you complete the two liter dime challenge you can save anywhere between $550 and $700.

How to Track the Two Liter Dime Challenge

You can save a ton of money with the two liter dime challenge but it is a challenge that seems like it may take a bit of time. You can be proactive about the savings challenge though. When you are at the checkout counter, for instance, you can ask the cashier for dimes. You can also search the couch and your car for dimes as well, but how do you track the challenge?

Many people who have performed the two liter dime challenge set goals on the outside of the bottle. For example, you can draw lines on the bottle and write dates above the line. This will mark the place you want to reach with dimes by that date.

Saving money is important. Whether you do it through a savings plan like the two liter dime challenge or budget out a savings plan for yourself, securing your financial future through savings can change your life.

Photo: Nicholas LabyrinthX