Aimee Song’s Net Worth

Aimee Song's net worth

Each year Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List comes out and it seems each year more vloggers and bloggers appear on that list. Last year fashion blogger Aimee Song was featured. Song started a fashion blog called “Song of Style” nine years ago and it has turned into a website that gets millions of page views.

So, how did Song go from blogging about her favorite fashion styles to being listed amongst other influential people in Forbes? More specifically, how has all that success impacted Aimee Song’s net worth?

Who is Aimee Song?

There isn’t a ton of information about Song’s upbringing on the web, unlike many other celebrities. Most of what you see where Song is concerned is her brand, her social media and her blog. Song has worked hard to keep up an image and, according to Fashionista, is a sought-after interior designer and professional blogger. She’s also featured on YouTube, Instagram and many of the other larger social media sites.

Aimee Song’s Career

Song’s career really started to take off after she graduated from high school and began classes at Academy of Art University in 2008. That is when Song decided to start her very own fashion blog, which she still runs today.

The blog, “Song of Style,” presents fashion lovers everywhere with some laid-back but fashionable choices. Since launching in 2008 “Song of Style” has been getting 4 million monthly page views. You can also check out her YouTube channel through the site as well, which shows things like “A Day in the Life of Aimee Song” (seen below).

So, Song is designing and selling clothing, blogging, vlogging, manning social media account and doing interior design projects. That has had to pay off! So, what is Aimee Song’s net worth?

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Aimee Song’s Net Worth

Aimee Song's net worthBloggers similar to Song are known to make $1 million or more each year, depending on what other projects they have going on. Currently Aimee Song’s net worth is estimated to be about $450K, which seems fairly low with someone with so much web presence. The cash isn’t likely coming from where you think it would either.

Yes, Song has her own clothing that she sells on her site. She also has a YouTube channel (where many people make money online). Where the bulk of her cash stems from, however, is page views on her blog and advertising on Instagram.

Not unlike many other fashion bloggers, Song gets paid to where or promote certain brands on her page. In fact, with a reach as large as hers she could charge up to $150K for a post. Not only was she listed among Forbes’ 30 Under 30 but she has also been listed among some of the richest Instagrammers and bloggers out there. It is estimated that she pulls in millions each year (though her net worth doesn’t reflect that).

Her income online is combined with her income from her interior design career as well. Don’t forget Song has an interior design degree and is building two careers side by side. Song says that she feels having a job outside of blogging makes her feel she’s more relatable to her audience.

Song’s not showing any sign of slowing down any time soon. She continues to blog, vlog, post photos, design and make money every day.

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7 Udemy Courses to Help You Get Out and Stay Out of Debt

Sell Used Books OnlineIt’s hard to imagine a thing so easily accumulated and so demanding to manage as debt. It is a fire-breathing monster, eating up all the money we throw its way and is always on the lookout for more. Luckily, ways to master the monster exist, and the Udemy search box provides a great start. There’s myriad of courses on debt management on Udemy, of which we extract only the most useful ones. Before you pick the course that’s right for you, make sure you save a few dollars and find the best Udemy coupon available; there is no use paying full price to learn to save money.

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Creating a Personal Investment Plan That Works

personal investment plan
If you’ve been thinking about creating a personal investment plan, it’s not too late. In fact, it’s never too late to start investing and trying to better yourself financially. So, what is a personal investment plan and how do you create one?

What is a Personal Investment Plan?

A personal investment plan is pretty much what it sounds like. It is a plan that you and your financial advisor work out that will help you maximize your investments. It is a formalized document that details your needs and constraints regarding your investment. These plans only pertain to individual investors but it a critical step in the investment process.

Why Are You Investing?

Before you jump into creating a personal investment plan you’ll want to decide why you want to begin investing. Are you jumping into the world of investing to plan for retirement? Or maybe you’d like to secure a financial future for your loved ones? Whatever your reason may be, the type of investment may change based on your end goal. Smaller savings goals would need both a high and short return, while saving for something large (like retirement) would be better suited for long term, stable investments.

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How to Create a Personal Investment Plan

Once you’ve decided what your personal finance goals are you’re ready to create your own personal investment plan. Here’s how…

  1. Have a full understanding of your financial situation. Yes, you have personal finance goals to invest for your future but you may have to pay off some debt or create an emergency savings account before you’re able to invest.
  2. Establish goals and set a timeline. Once you’ve got a full understanding of your finances and how much risk you’re able to take, establish some goals and set timelines. For instance, if you’d like to grow your portfolio, set a measure (20%, for instance) and set a timeline (within two years).
  3. Develop a risk profile. Remember, the less risk you take, the less you make. However, a more stable investment may make more sense for older investors.
  4. Make sure your risk profile and goals line up. Once you’ve set goals and developed a risk profile, make sure your goals and risks match up. You won’t want to make a ton of risky investments if you’re trying to save for retirement.
  5. How do you want to diversify? Lining up your risk profile and goals will help you decide on how you want to diversify (whether you’ll have higher risk accounts or lower risk accounts, bonds vs. stocks, etc).
  6. Consult a financial advisor. Now that you’ve got a basic personal investment plan, it’s time to call a financial advisor. You can usually find a financial advisor nearby through a Google search. Or you can use some of the online advisors, such as Personal Capital.
  7. Look at all your options. After consulting with a professional, take time to assess all your options before making a final persona investment plan. Make sure there is plenty of diversity in your investment portfolio while also making sure it is adhering to your personal finance needs.
  8. Continue to monitor progress. Investing isn’t a “sit it and forget it” thing. You’ll want to monitor your investments regularly and adjust your personal investment plan accordingly. For instance, if a certain investment isn’t working in your best interest you’ll want to remove it from your overall investment plan.

Don’t Give Up

Lastly, don’t give up! Investing can be difficult when you’re just getting started but hundreds of thousands of people have been able to be extremely successful with their investments. If you’re having trouble, contact a financial advisor and get back on the right track. Your finances will thank you!

Have you created a personal investment plan? Was it successful?

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How Much Do YouTubers Make?

How Much Do YouTubers Make 1
Almost everyone has seen a video hosted on the giant video streaming site YouTube. When the site launched over a decade ago millions of people took to it to voice their opinions, listen to others and entertain themselves. A few individuals have also been able to make a substantial amount of money through the site.

You probably follow at least one YouTube star. Faces like Jenna Marbles and Lilly Singh are becoming more and more recognizable and more YouTube stars are landing big roles in films. So, how much do YouTubers make?

How Much Do YouTubers Make?

YouTubers can make a pretty penny if their channel turns out to be successful. Some YouTubers have even been able to make six figures a year from the video streaming site alone. Channels generating this type of income generally have millions of subscribers and billions of views. Rosanna Pansino, for instance, has more than 8.6 million subscribers and over 2 billion views on her YouTube channels.

In addition to YouTube revenue, many YouTube stars also diversify their income by seeking out other opportunities. YouTube makeup artist Jaclyn Hill used her YouTube channel to kickstart an entire business and makeup line. Other YouTubers have landed roles in movies and participated in paid endorsements to earn extra cash as well. Because each of them have such reach on the internet (through YouTube) companies are itching to pay them to endorse their products.

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Who Are the Richest YouTubers?

Now that you know how much money YouTubers make, who are the richest? There are a fair number of YouTubers that have made millions through the site and their various endeavors. Here are a few of the richest:

Michelle Phan (Net Worth $50 Million)

How Much Do YouTubers Make
Michelle Phan is one of the richest YouTubers out there. Her net worth is estimated to be about $50 million and she’s been able to launch her very own makeup line (valued at $100 million). Phan’s entire career stemmed from her makeup tutorials on YouTube, where she’s still raking in six figures a year.

PewDiePie (Net Worth $18 Million)

How Much Do YouTubers Make
There are a few YouTubers out there whose channels focus on video games. PewDiePie is one of the YouTubers who has done just that… and made millions. Like many other YouTubers, PewDiePie is making about six figures a year from YouTube. He is also earning a bit of case from various other endeavors, including video hame competitions.

Smosh (Net Worth $11.8 Million)

How Much Do YouTubers Make
Smosh is a YouTube duo that currently has an estimated net worth of $11.8 million. Since launching their first Youtube channel they have made films and even launched secondary channels on the streaming site to generate more revenue. The pair is easily pulling in $1 million a year from YouTube alone.

Rosanna Pansino ($9 Million)

How Much Do YouTubers Make
Like many YouTubers, Rosanna Pansino took a hobby and decided to make it into a career. She hosts her own baking show on YouTube and has joined a YouTube network as well. Her current estimated net worth is $9 million. While most of her cash has come from her online endeavors (like YouTube) she has also made money through her published cookbook and baking supply line.

Markiplier (Net Worth $9 Million)

How Much Do YouTubers Make
Markiplier is similar to PewDiePie in that both star’s channels focus on gameplay. Markiplier, however, adds commentary that draws viewers in. Sometimes his commentary includes cursing, laughing and even crying. He is pulling in about six figures a year from YouTube as well and, like other gamers, competing for extra cash.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever thought about launching your own YouTube channel to see if it would take off. If you have a good enough niche you can make millions through the website. These YouTubers, and many more, have already done so. Have you ever thought about starting your own channel? 

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