A New Level of Stupidity, PF Style.

This will be a brief post.

I was alerted to this the other day when a friend of mine posted the link to her Facebook timeline and knew I had to share it with you all.

Apparently there are morons out there who take pictures of their debit cards (often now, Visa Debits) and post them on the freakin’ internet. Specifically Twitter.

Sure I knew there were dumbasses out there who may be so stupid as to do something like this, but it’s at a level of a full-fledged Twitter account documenting their stupidity asking them to please stop posting pictures of their cards. The Twitter account is called ”Need a Debit Card” and they basically retweet pictures of people who take pictures of their cards.

I have no sympathy for anything that happens to these people.

Seriously people, stop.

Have you heard of this before? Was I the only one shocked?


  1. That is definitely some kind of stupid….some trends you just wonder what people are thinking. While they’re at it, why don’t they post their address, birthday, favorite pet/color and mother’s maiden name. What could go wrong?
    Travis @Debtchronicles recently posted..I Slept In On Black Friday…..and STILL Got a Door Buster DealMy Profile

  2. Why would anyone do that? Weird!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..It’s Easy to Judge a MotherMy Profile

  3. Sometimes I think “what do I have to offer?” when it comes to personal finance. Then I read something like this and think “I need to write about the basics!” YEESH!
    FI Pilgrim recently posted..November In Review – Income/Expense And Net WorthMy Profile

  4. I heard about this about a year ago – where people would take pictures of their new credit cards to show them off on social media. I couldn’t believe people were really THAT stupid, either.
    Kali @ CommonSenseMillennial recently posted..Achieving Goals: Power of Positive ThinkingMy Profile

  5. I had a friend do this a couple years ago with his license! I have no sympathy for these people at all.
    Michelle @fitnpoor.com recently posted..Giving Tuesday: Donate WiselyMy Profile

  6. Haha wow I had no idea that some people were so stupid!
    Michelle recently posted..$13,387 in November Business IncomeMy Profile

  7. Good grief. I’m starting to think you just can’t help some people!
    Laura @ RichmondSavers.com recently posted..Amazing Deal: Spend $75 at Amazon and Get a $25 Amex CreditMy Profile

  8. I work in computer security, and we’ve known about this account for a while – and there’s quite the buzz on underground mailing lists about how well used these cards are – especially AMEX cards which have the CVC on the front!
    Mom @ Three is Plenty recently posted..Home Network Security Part 4 – Wireless NetworksMy Profile

  9. I just don’t get it.
    Michelle@ShopMyClosetProject recently posted..Self-Storage Hell: Finally free!!My Profile

  10. No way! Are you sure it wasn’t a joke? How can people be that unaware of the potential for theft? Hmmm, I guess, put another way, I’m asking how can people be this stupid?

  11. Because posting ALL the pictures on the internet isn’t enough already, people want to share how clever they chose their debit/credit card looks… it has come to this, world, it has come to this :)
    Little Miss Money recently posted..Day 50 – Pleasant Surprises.My Profile

  12. Also, can I get your social security number as well? Haha.
    Dear Debt recently posted..End of November Update — Under 45kMy Profile

  13. I am certain that these people are so stupid that they will ask how their money got stolen. Idiots, but then again, the internet allows them to talk with others and share their stupidity. I would say that it shocks me, but it really doesn’t anymore.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..Discover it® Card ReviewMy Profile

  14. Haha that is amazing. Hopefully these people realize they’ve made a mistake and get a new card from their bank!
    Daniel recently posted..4 Compelling Reasons to Choose Index InvestingMy Profile

  15. Weird thing to do. I spend half of my time at the ATM trying to stop peoiple seeing my card or my PIN over my shoulder

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