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I like sports. I’m from Canada, hockey is our national pastime. My idea of a good baby-free night would probably be dinner with the hubs then heading out to watch a game of our local junior team where we hold part-time season tickets. I’ve already mentioned that for my husband, hockey is a religion and that he’s a blogger for a large sports network. I’m not that into it.

While I’m not into scrutinizing over every single detail and statistic, I know a lot of people who are. Both my brother and brother-in-law are huge into sports betting. Truthfully my brother will drop a dollar to bet on anything but sports is defiantly his weakness.

While gambling in general is not my thing, especially since we’re currently living on such a tight budget, if anyone is doing it right it’s those two. They have appropriately budgeted it and make a hobby out of it. Between weekly ProLine tickets, fantasy leagues and the odd at-work wager they have allocated each dollar. They seem to know what they’re doing too since both have had huge success with sports betting.

Last Christmas while my brother-in-law was getting ready to fly home to the UK, funds were a little tight for he and my sister-in-law (flying across the Atlantic isn’t cheap!). He had actually decided to not buy his weekly ProLine for a few weeks to help off-set the additional costs. Knowing his past successes, a co-worker of his asked him to do his picks on a lotto ticket if he promised to split any winnings. He was sorry he made that promise.

The next morning they checked their ticket. They had won almost $1600, not bad for a ticket my brother-in-law didn’t even pay for. His co-worker was true to his word and split the winnings in half.

I don’t know how he does it, but my brother seems to win every fantasy league he enters. I’m convinced you could create a sport he’s never heard of and he would draft a winning team. I honestly think some people just have it. That thing that is required to make the smart calculated decisions when it comes to betting of all kinds.

Though my husband is a self confessed sports addict he isn’t a huge gambler. He’s had some successes with fantasy leagues but not much in terms of online lottery like ProLine.  He did have a big win a few years ago with a playoff football game that concluded with a down-to-the-wire play. His winnings were nothing like the $1600 ticket my brother-in-law won, maybe $200.


We all have interests and things that excite us, for them it’s sports betting and the way I see it, as long as it doesn’t become a problem all the power to them! Maybe I should fund some tickets and convince my brother or brother-in-law to pick some teams for me? This could be the answer to help me pay off my debt!

Do you play the lotto or bet on sports? Any huge successes?


  1. I don’t bet on sports… but that’s just cause i’d suck. lol!! My husband however, well that’s another story. He eats, lives, & breathes sports. He’s played & won many times. I forget the biggest amount he won, but i’m sure it was close to $1K’ish.. not bad!!
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  2. I’ve never been to a hockey game or any game for that matter in Canada so I am going to say I’m not into Hockey at all. I am however into Football (soccer) and Rugby. 🙂 I do play the lotto but it’s with a family member and it’s one line per week. You only need one ticket to win!!
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    • Catherine says:

      Hubby loves soccer and rugby too. He played for our provincial team in both sports when we he was younger!

  3. Ha! I made a bet too, that if I pay thousands of dollars on a handmade, classical guitar that I ‘ll practice 3-4 hours a day and improve upon my skills. I won that particular bet 😉
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  4. Interesting insight! Thanks for a great post.

  5. I used to bet on basketball games before, and won a few times–especially when my fave team was playing. Lotto is a bit different, that’s where my luck ends.
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