How To Fake A More Expensive Christmas Gift

The key to faking a cheaper gift into feeling more expensive is 100% related to the packaging the gift is presented in. If done right, you can take a $3.00 batch of cookies and make it feel like so much more than that. People will immediately recognize the thought and effort put into the packaging details which is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. They won’t even notice that you only actually gave them a few homemade cookies.

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would share a few great packaging ideas to help with your Christmas budget. A little effort in this area and you’ll be able to save on the gift itself!

Gift Cards or Cash

Who doesn’t love receiving either of these? (Unless of course you’re friends with Miss LBee). Gift cards and cash are great gifts (one of my personal favorites) but most people like watching someone open their gift with anticipation and these particular things are sort of difficult to wrap in any special way. Here are a few cute gift card or cash gift-wrapping ideas:

Gift Card Snow Globe:How fun is that?! The instructions to make this can be found here.

Gift Card Stockings:These I have made and are super fun. These ones are from Mrs. Stewart.

Book of Money:I’ve never seen anything like this until today and I love it! Instructions found here.


Bottles of wine can make a great hostess gift or Christmas gift alike. Again, they’re sort of hard to jazz up. Most people stick it in one of those very distinguishable wine gift bags and away they go. Why not take an inexpensive bottle of red (or white) and dress it up a little? Get it? Dress it up?! I kill myself.

This idea was found here.

Got some old Christmas socks lying around? Use them to wrap your wine up! Ok, please buy new ones because that’d just be beyond cheap and disgusting.This fun idea comes from here.

Don’t like wine? How about some beer? or glass bottled pop (I’m from Canada, we don’t sell soda, sorry). This is a Valentine’s idea but could be adapted for any holiday.Or these super cute reindeer beer/pop bottles:


Food is probably one of the most economical gifts to give, pennies worth of ingredients and you can make large batches at once for not much more.

DIY S’mores kit (from here):

Use old Pringles containers to wrap cookies up:

You could also do something like this, using old paper CD sleeves and stickers to wrap homemade gingerbread men:

Other Snazzy Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas whisk, super cute, found here.

‘DIY’ Christmas soap wrapped up pretty, found here.

You could make a simple foot soak or bath salts, jazzing up the glass jar up.

It’s amazing what a little effort in the wrapping can do for the ‘value’ of a gift! Hope you were inspired to put a little more effort into the packaging in hopes of saving you some cash this holiday season.

Make sure you come back Wednesday, I’m having my very first Giveaway!! (hint…it might make the insanity of Christmas a little easier! or a lovely gift!)


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  1. These are some great ideas. Gifts don’ t have to cost a fortune it’s all about the wrapping and the look IMO, We bake cookies for our friends at Christmas and put them on platters, or in tins and jazz them up with bows, ribbon , you name it and they love it. A little work to show you care is all that it takes. Money is not everything when it comes to gifts.. Great post. Mr.CBB
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..Mr.CBB’s Cream Filled Homemade Twinkie Style CakesMy Profile

  2. Loved the beer Reindeer. We have a few gift exchanges and it seems alcohol is always the preferred gift. I think I may steal this idea! The sock and wine idea was pretty clever too, but considering I wear my sock until there are holes in the heels it probably won’t work for me!
    I’ve recently started giving gifts with the pricetag still on, ESPECIALLY if I got a great deal. I figure i need to be the change I want to see in the gift giving world, and it’s not about how much you spend.
    Mandy @MoneyMasterMom recently posted..It’s only a deal if you need it (Black Friday Tip #1)My Profile

  3. I love getting beautifully wrapped gifts so I can definitely agree with this post. I’ve dressed up wine bottles before and hidden gift cards inside a pretty package but never thought to create something like a snow globe!
    CF recently posted..Why I use a car shareMy Profile

  4. I’ve never thought of dressing up less expensive gifts. These are some great ideas because it’s like marketing for gifts. The gift card stocking are great. I guess Martha does come up with a good idea once in a while.
    Justin@thefrugalpath recently posted..Frugal Lifestyle: Why Bother?My Profile

  5. At first when I read the title I thought, “Look, it’s about the thought, nto about the price, why would I want to fake something expensive? Ruins the whole purpose.” But I see, you’re actually talking about taking your gift and putting more time into it to show you care and stuff. I”m down with that. The beer bottle reindeer things are coolio.
    TB at BlueCollarWorkman recently posted..Blue Collar Holiday BonusesMy Profile

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