How Two PF Bloggers Saved Me $420 And Got Me A New Bed!

After reading My Canuk Buck‘s post about negotiating with utility companies I commented that I once called and negotiated a $40/month savings for a year with our local cable/internet provider. I simply argued that the competitor had better rates and we were good customers. That was almost two years ago so I decided after reading this post to push my luck and try again. They wouldn’t do 12 months but I was able to save $30/month for the next six months. That’s $180 they don’t need from me and a whole lot better than nothing!

A few weeks ago, one of my posts was chosen over at Tackling Our Debt‘s blog for weekly reads and in her post, it is mentioned her and her husband were going bed shopping after having issues with their current bed at no cost because their bed had a 10 year warranty. Hubby and I have had some issues with our very-expensive-paid-for-by-insurance-post-flood-bed but I figured we’ve had it for almost three years we’d have to wait and save money for a new one. That was until I read this post. I thought, I didn’t hurt to ask? I called, the mattress rep was on vacation so they asked for some e-mailed pictures instead. I got confirmation this morning that we’re entitled to a brand spankin’ new bed! Hubby and I went and picked it out tonight, not only is this new bed much better for us, it was on super sale! The store is going to mail us a cheque for the difference in price between the two, about $100! Extra happy, ”free” money and we don’t need to prop ourselves up with pillows to sleep anymore!

My super negotiations don’t stop there! Long story short for all you non-Canadians, as you know we have universal healthcare so when we had our daughter in June we didn’t have to pay anything for our week-long stay in the hospital. This is true unless you want a private room upgrade and amenities like wi-fi and TV. These will be billed to your private insurance (unless only these rooms are available, vs semi-private rooms, upon check-in). We requested a private room, expense or not. A month after we were home we received a $140 bill for our room upgrade, an expense I wasn’t expecting since I figured we would have been told our insurance didn’t cover the entire cost prior to check-out. The bill was due this month, I was getting ready to write the cheque when, during my negotiating spree, decided to call. I explained I didn’t think it was fair nothing was said to us prior to check out and we were led to believe we were in the room given to us due to our situation (emergency c/sec), she looked into it, called me the next day and waved the whole amount for us! We don’t have to pay a cent!

To top off my money finding week, I got to partake in a professional survey (for work, about dental products) and they’re paying me $30 for about 10 minutes of my time.

Finally, I dumped all my found change in a coin counter container (anything less than 0.25) and have almost $18 in pennies, nickles and dimes! We’re going to fill the container and decide what to do with it when it’s full, probably something fun since I’m having fun filling it. It will take forever because I very rarely use cash.

So in total, two lovely bloggers helped me save over $420 and get a new bed 🙂 Thank you!

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Have negotiations ever worked out well for you? What did you get?



  1. Good job! Just calling really seems to make a difference! You’ve also reminded me that I have a huge change jar that I really need to get sorted out. I just need to stop forgetting to get some change rollers.
    Jordann @ My Alternate Life recently posted..Congratulations It’s a Dud!My Profile

  2. Awesome job! We’ve negotiated on medical bills before and usually can get 10-15% off if we agree to pay all at once. I know many don’t like the feeling of negotiating, but all you have to do is ask. The person will either say no, or let’s see what we can do for you.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..How Budgeting is Like Potty TrainingMy Profile

  3. Is this a self-hosted website I see? Good for you for being a negotiation machine! That’s awesome!!
    Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree recently posted..A day at the writers conferenceMy Profile

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you and yes, it is 😉 A friend who blogs recently logged into her WP account and couldn’t get on…she’s lost almost everything from the last 2 years of blogging 🙁 I don’t know all the details but she’s pretty devastated and working with them to regain some content. I decided not to risk it anymore! plus w/ joining Yakazie I restarted my alexa w/ the move.

  4. Nice job on the savings. The wife just did something similar when we accidentally forgot to pay the credit card bill (6 hours late). I would have never thought of calling to get the interest back but she did and was successful. I’m surprised that the mattress company was so easy about replacing the mattress. Good to see companies honoring and standing by their product.
    Stan @DebtsnTaxes recently posted..To Pay Down Debt or To Invest?My Profile

    • Catherine says:

      If you’re a good customer I believe people are willing to work with you, why not? They don’t want to piss off the good ones, they rely on people like you!

  5. You got a new mattress plus a hundred dollar refund?? How cool is that!! When will the mattress be delivered?

    I love all the other ways that you were able to save money as well. It all adds up!

    BTW – We’ve had our new mattress since Sunday. Both our backs and necks are feeling a lot better. It has a 25 year warranty but since it was an exchange we only get the 2 remaining years from our original warranty. We are not worried though. If it lasts at least 7 to 10 years we will be quite happy.
    Tackling Our Debt recently posted..Expenses You Should Budget for When Buying a Brand New HouseMy Profile

  6. P.S. Thanks so much for the mention of my post too 🙂

  7. That is awesome! Great job!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..House Shopping: The Addiction ContinuesMy Profile

  8. Wow that is great! 🙂

  9. This is a great story about how reading PF blogs can save you REAL money. I’m glad you were able to pocket a few extra hundreds!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..We Bought a House!My Profile

  10. Good for you on the negotiations. It is such a powerful skill to have. I used my skills last week to save a ton on a cell phone contract. It was awesome.

    I am glad to hear that the PF blogs have been of help to you. Us bloggers like to know we are actually doing good and providing useful stuff to our readers.
    Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter recently posted..5 Financial Mistakes Married Couples Should AvoidMy Profile


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