Weekly Reads 02.02.13

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Happy Groundhog Day!! Who plans on watching the Bill Murray movie?

I normally do this on Friday but I was having some blog problems yesterday and couldn’t get it out but the problems are now fixed thanks to the wicked support at HostGator!

Tonight we are celebrating hubby’s birthday with some family and friends. I’m making a big feed of chicken amatriciana (pasta), one of his favorite things to eat but I’ve never actually made it myself, let alone for 14 people…may the cooking Gods be with me.

I’m re-joining Weight Watchers today. I know it’s the kick in the ass I need. I had great success with it in university (but sorta quit as soon as I hit goal never getting my lifetime membership…Gah!). With the family reunion and two weddings this summer I gotta get on it. Not to mention I just need to be healthier again. I have 10lbs of baby weight to lose plus about 15lbs that found me in the few years since graduating university. I’m thinking it’ll be money well spent…it better be.

I did four posts this week:

Onto some funny search terms from the last week:

  • How I felt when I won the lottery <<<You needed to search for the answer??
  • My friend has won the lottery but won’t tell me<<< I wonder why??
  • Can you give lottery money away in canada? <<<< YES!! I will send you my address!
  • Sticking bobby pin up butt <<< Ummmm….??? WTF?

Favorite Posts:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Weekly Reads 25.01.13

This has been a tough week. Baby girl has been SUCKING at sleep. She’s never been great, though I thought we were making some headway, alas, No. Worst of all? The ‘man cold’ has found it’s way to my house. Please help me God. I love you hunny ūüėČ

Because I love them, first some funny search terms for you:

  • can i give my friend 25 million dollars? (Yes, I will gladly send you my address)
  • how to decorate your own house like a gingerbread house (Umm… Whyyyyy?)
  • frugal strippers (I’m sort of dumbfounded by this one…)

Given that this was such a busy week I was a little lazy on the blog reading/commenting and as I’ve said before, I don’t recommend posts unless I’ve read and enjoyed them but here a few I did manage to squeeze in. Enjoy!

”See” you on Monday!

Weekly Reads 18.01.13


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One word about this weekend. HOCKEY. With the return of hockey comes the return of sanity to my house. For those of you who don’t know, my hubby is the¬†blogger for an NHL team. I will share the story some day how this came to be since it’s a story worth telling but for now, back to my blog!

I’ve decided to add funny search terms since I get such a kick out of them from other people’s blogs.

  • Feminism caused my divorce
  • wanting to change my life and don’t have the money…
  • it would be great to win the lottery for my birthday
  • should i leave my husband who has 300,000 in debts
  • bobby pins sold at food for less

Favorite posts this week!

Make sure you enter my Money Rules Giveaway! and co-hosted giveaway of $1000 cash!

Have a great weekend! Anyone else excited about the return of NHL? Anyone boycotting it?

Weekly Reads 11.01.13

funny cat

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If you remember from last week I mentioned that I was entering a week of sleep training with our daughter…we’re a week in and it’s going great, actually there has been almost no training it’s as if she knew exactly what to do! I’m still waiting to make sure it’s well established before counting my chickens so-to-speak but things are going well…for now…

This week I finally broke the 100k mark for Alexa too. Before Christmas I said I was aiming to break it for Jan 01 but it came on Jan 07, a week late, not too bad especially since Jan 01 was a pretty lofty goal.

This week I wrote two posts on my blog (other than this one) and one post over at Kids Ain’t Cheap:

Here are a few other great reads to enjoy:

I have another exciting giveaway lined up for next week…I’ll give you a hint…it has to do with ‘Rules’ ūüėČ

Weekly Reads 04.01.13


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The first weekly reads of the New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday. We sure did. It was great to have my husband home for the week and reconnect with our friends and family. It’s been unusually cold this week. We’re talking -26¬†Celsius¬†with windchill. No thanks I don’t want it. Especially for being right on the ocean this is¬†abnormally¬†cold for us. I’d like the -3 to +3 weather back!


Onto a few of my favorite posts from the past few days:

Have a great weekend! I will be spending it quite sleeplessly as we initiate sleep training boot-camp tonight. Baby girl needs to learn how to start falling asleep on her own. If only it was as easy as telling her to close her eyes, stay still and relax. Ugh. I dread this. If I’m still alive I may be back with a post Monday.

Remember¬†to enter the $100.00 cash giveaway if you haven’t already!


No Weekly Reads This Week: Merry Christmas!

It’s just that time of year, I was way too busy to read many blogs this week so it wouldn’t really be fair of me to randomly chose blog posts I didn’t actually read just for the sake of a post. I like to recommend posts I actually read and think are insightful.

I cannot believe Christmas Eve is Monday. Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year, hands down. I love the anticipation of it all, the fact that the world is in the midst of shutting down early but yet still sort of exciting to see some last minute busyness.

I do have a post scheduled for Monday but not much beyond that, we’ll see how she goes but Christmas is about family time and reconnecting so I’m not¬†committing¬†to anything!

I said a few weeks ago I was hoping to break the 100k mark with Alexa before Jan 01 but I don’t think that’s going to happen! Maybe by Valentine’s Day…

If I don’t ‘see’ you before then, Merry Christmas and thank you so much for reading ūüôā

Will you have a white Christmas? It’s not looking so good for us…

Weekly Reads 14.12.12

In two short weeks Christmas will be over…how crazy is that?! Our daughter celebrated her ”half birthday” this week on 12/12/12, 6 months already! This week has been so busy for me/my family that I didn’t get much blogging done so I¬†apologize¬†to all my Yakezie team mates! I think I’ve read maybe 10 posts all week ūüôĀ

We’re hosting a Christmas get-together tonight for 12 people- should be fun! Tomorrow is my staff Christmas party, I’m excited to see everyone since being off on maternity leave and Sunday my sister and I will be baking all. day. long.long in our annual Christmas baking day, Yum!

Thanks to Anne from Unique Gifter for helping me out with a guest post this week- if you haven’t already, check it out for some Fun and Frugal Dinner Party Ideas.

Here are the posts that I did manage to read and enjoy:

Help out Debt Roundup and offer your tips/advice about money/saving/PF!

Remember¬†to enter the $100.00 giveaway I’m co-hosting which ends at end of day today!

Have a great weekend; I have to face the crowds and finish our¬†Christmas¬†shopping, a small¬†price¬†to pay for our cash Christmas (feels good to have everything accounted for!). Monday you’ll find me over at Michelle’s casa, Making Sense of Cents!

Weekly Reads 06.12.12

Christmas Tree 2011

Another week done. It’s been a crazy one, trying to get the house finally decorated and organize all the details for our Christmas get together next week. Life is about to really speed up!

I’ve started writing over at Kids Ain’t Cheap¬†once a week¬†so pop on over and give us some love!

I’m super happy with how my Alexa is dropping. It took 6 weeks to break the 200k mark (from 12million) and I’m inching closer and closer to the 100k mark. I’d love to break it by the New Year, although I feel like that may be a lofty goal.

This was a fun week blogging, I participated in Siccora’s Christmas Memories mini-carnival which was loads of fun. If you haven’t yet please head on over and check out all the blog posts!

I also co-hosted a giveaway (which is still going on!) so make sure you enter to WIN $100 CASH (or Amazon gift card). Who¬†doesn’t¬†love cash-money?! My readers certainly do, so ENTER!

Here are a few of my favorite posts from this week:

Greg from Club Thrifty questions how much money is enough.

John from Frugal Rules has a guest post about slashing years off your mortgage.

Kim, Eyes on the Dollar, has a guest post from Money Master Mom about purchases matching your values.

Anne from Unique Gifter has a wicked post containing over 400 stocking-stuffer ideas!

See Debt Run did a post about their¬†journey¬†to debt freedom, they’re so close!!

I loved iHeartBudgets post about the cash envelope system.

Our Freaking Budget ¬†has a funny post about milk expiration…where to draw the line.

Happy Weekend ūüôā

Weekly Reads 30.11.12

How is tomorrow December?! Seriously?! Our daughter is almost six month old ūüôĀ Bittersweet I guess. She’s a rolling machine, we can’t stop her now that she’s discovered she can roll wherever she wants to go. It’s like a magic trick, I put her on the floor and she’s 5 feet away and facing the¬†opposite¬†direction 2 mins later. She’s pretty proud of herself.

I’ve already contacted the winner of the Big Cook Cookbook, Congrats to Carla-Enjoy it! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Here is a sampling of my favorite posts from this week:

Very informative guest post at Canadian Budget Binder about home renovations.

TeacHer Finance has a Blogging Anniversary post about the secret at succeeding at personal finance, great read.

Michelle reminds us how scary easy Identity Theft can happen, at any age.

Getting back in touch with her goals, Jennifer Lynn is doing pretty great!

Student debt Survivor has a funny post about her parents making an out-of-character financial decision.

Blogging is 100% what you make of it. Jeremy from Modest Money keeps it real with his post about the journey of blogging.

Frugal or Theft? Planting our Pennies explains the fine line.

I want to give another shout out to Mr, CBB for doing a guest post for me this week, if you haven’t read it yet and like¬†FREE STUFF¬†then check it out!

I could make this list 10 pages long since I read and love so many blogs but this is just a sample of what I’ve read.Enjoy!

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Weekly Reads: 23.11.12

Today I’m blogging over at L Bee and the Money Tree so make sure you check it out!

This weekend marks my official Christmas kick-off! I plan on decorating the house (minus the tree since we get a real one and it would be well and dead by Christmas if we got one now). We’re having my sister-in-law, her boyfriend and my husband’s cousins over for some epic gingerbread house building. I can’t wait (for all the left over candy…)

What my gingerbread house looks like in my head…

What it actually looks like.

If I have time I plan on trying to make some baby leg warmers too, they are¬†ridiculously¬†cute but WAY over priced ($15.00+shipping for long socks essentially, don’t think so!). They would look super cute on kiddo, who you can see on my L Bee post today, her internet debut for you guys in her Halloween costume. CUTENESS WARNING.

This was a bit of a quite week for posts given the American Thanksgiving (and that every second post was about Black Friday) but here are my favorites!

Pauline has a great guest post over at Monster Piggy Bank about things you SHOULD be spending you hard earned money on.

Kim has a great guest post over at Frugal Rules about advocacy in healthcare.

Cat from Budget Blonde has a great post about budgeting making you SMART not POOR. So true.

Lauren (Miss L Bee) celebrates her 100th post!

John has a great follow-up post about losing his son and what he is thankful for.

Sicorra write about New Years Resolutions

Mr CBB and I are on the same wavelength because as he posted this post about which is cheaper, store bought or homemade I was having the exact.same. thought.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!

Make sure you enter my very first Giveaway too!!