Places to Sell Your Old and Expensive Watches

ice-1319819_640Old and expensive watches are worth a lot in the market. A watch can be categorized in many ways. People pay a lot for vintage, luxury and Swiss brand watches. If you have any of these watches and are considering selling them for quick money, here are a few places where you can sell them.

  • Online Public Websites

Public websites like eBay and Amazon have a lot of watch listings. Sellers prefer to sell their watches on these websites for quick, hassle-free sale. However, one of the biggest downsides of these websites is the authenticity of the buyer. Many buyers on these websites are frauds and looking to make money by scamming you.

  • Watch Buyers

Online watch buyers are watch companies that deal with these purchases on a daily basis. By reading online reviews, you can figure out which buyer is the best for your watch. If you are considering renowned watch buyers in Melbourne, then Gold Buyers Melbourne should be your top choice. Their customer service, reviews, and exceptional reputation speak volumes about their authenticity.

  • Personal Sale

Another way to sell your watch is to sell it to an individual. This person can be someone you personally know or a mutual connection. The key idea is to make sure you sell it to him after detailed questioning and final agreements. You do not want to sell your watch to him and have him return it back to you two days later in a worse condition.

  • Auction

You can also forward your watch to a professional auctioneer. This professional can forward your watch to a formal auction house, where bidders can purchase it for the highest value. The hidden problem with auctioneers is the commission fees. Many auctioneers charge a lot of commission for selling your watch at their price.

  • Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are a very popular choice for people who want to sell their watches urgently. One of the biggest advantages of pawn shops is that you can get quick cash. So if you want to get fast cash then selling your watch to a pawn shop is your best option. It is just a very easy process. First, pawn shops will evaluate the condition of your watch and then provide you with a quote as to the amount that they’re willing to pay for it. If you agree with the price then you can sell it to them.

If you want to sell your watch, the best way to go about it is by going to a reputable watch dealer. The dealer will be able to provide you with an initial quote, and further offer you his insight on the actual condition and worth of your watch. By visiting two or three reputable dealers, you can get a rough idea of your watch, and later visit the dealer who offered you the highest price and sell your watch to him. In this way, you can make sure that your watch ends up in the right hands and serves you its worth.

Why I’m Selling my Daughter’s Stuff (and what I plan to do with the money).

And who will clean up this mess?One thing I quickly learned with having my daughter four years ago was how much stuff kids acquire. Some of it is actually quite useful in their own way but let me tell you, there is so much you simply don’t need (some of this you don’t realize until after first kid). It didn’t take us long to become very vocal with some gift-giving guidelines in attempt to control the accumulation, some of which were listened to, but some clearly ignored. I understand giving to a child is out of the goodness of the gift-givers heart but it can be so painfully unnecessary (like the new Barbie just because it’s Tuesday and the sun is shining).

Gift Giving Rules for our Kids

When we realized (very early on) how much people liked to give to our daughter, in attempt to reign in the stuff, we vocalised that should the person feel so inclined to buy something for her (especially while she was so young she didn’t even realize a gift was being given), that they may consider giving us the money instead (even for that $5 toy she probably doesn’t need). We would put the money into her post-secondary education savings (in our case, an RESP). I’d much rather have $5 invested at three years old for another 15 years to be used for her future, than a toy she might play with for a few days, max.

Books are always welcome. I have no problem with having a house full of books for my children and will always find space for them, if you can’t come up with a gift idea and don’t want to give cash, get a good book. Books are probably the only item that doesn’t drive me crazy when it’s laying around somewhere.

Consider buying or contributing to something she needs. Clothes come to mind. Kids grow very fast and even with my frugal shopping for her wardrobe, chances are we’ll always need clothes (or coats, or shoes). Even if it’s a snowsuit that might not fit her for a whole year, it’s a gift much appreciated come the time. She also partakes in both dance and soccer both if which have their own gear and would benefit from either financial contribution for dues or buying new gear (again- growth is an issue and we won’t get more than one season out of most items).

The Over and Above

Obviously these aren’t the only things that are given to her and I don’t want to come across as being a scrooge of a mother but my GOD there’s a lot of stuff. Now that we know baby 2.0 is a boy we’re starting to purge some of her stuff out of the house.

I’m a big proponent of donating to those in need so we have given a huge portion of her gently used clothes to various charities. These aren’t the kinds of items I want to benefit from financially, I’d rather give to someone who truly needs it but the items that we can sell for a small profit, we will. Most of it are baby items of hers (very girly baby toys or things like past Halloween costumes) and some of it is my maternity clothes (pregnancies in opposite seasons). We’ve only sold a few items so far at about $10 each but we still have quite a bit of stuff to go through and post as well.

Most of the stuff we’re selling are items we bought so I don’t feel guilty about selling but there will be items that were given to her by others. Obviously people don’t expect us to hang on to everything given to her, but especially if someone else paid for it, the money from all the item sales will go back to the kids. As tempting as it is to sell this stuff off for a small profit and keep it to do as we please (mommy and daddy want a date night…or pay down debt…), the money will be going right back to them.

Maybe the money will be used to help offset her ballet tuition in the new year, or some clothes for the impending little man, either way the money will only be used for them in some way for some need and this way I feel everyone benefits.

What do you do with your kids outgrown/out used stuff?

Mommy Realization: My Kids Don’t Care if Their Room is Coordinated

crib-890565_640When I was pregnant with my daughter, the room in our house that would become her bedroom was the only untouched room in our house. We had painted and renovated almost every other room in our house but that was the final one. It had become a bit of a storage room for all our random stuff. I found it difficult to not obsess over how we were going to prep this room for her. It was going to be her space, created at first, by us.

We picked paint colors, crib, curtains, and pictures for the wall. I wanted a fancy rocking chair, change tables and shelves full of stuff for when she came home. I’d spent hours days scouring websites like Pinterest trying to perfect her room. Our only restriction in the end, was money. We didn’t have anywhere near the money to prepare the kind of nursery I thought she deserved and needed and it took me a while to accept it. We were gifted a beautiful new crib, we found some pictures on clearance and bought her curtains off a sale rack. The chair I nursed her in was an antique that we borrowed, there would be no fancy change table and shelves were never hung displaying her baby stuff.

Over four years later, I can honestly say, none of it mattered. The paint needed to be done since the room pre-paint looked like someone chugged a bottle of Pepto Bismol and threw up everywhere but other than that none of it mattered. She didn’t notice the pictures, the matching curtains or lack of stuff. We never bought a rug to put on her floor and we changed her wherever we needed to, since there was no dedicated change table. Four years later, she’s a pretty happy kid and the lack of perfectly coordinated nursery-turned-toddler room hasn’t mattered once.

She now sleeps on my husband’s childhood bed and loves it. Her walls are covered in wall decals that she’s picked out and placed herself (you can imagine how that looks). She does have shelves, which I made and painted myself and holds a fraction of her massive book collection. She loves them.

As we prepare to welcome baby 2.0 in the next few weeks (scary that I’m talking in weeks now!) I realize so much of what we think is important for our children isn’t. I’m a member of a few mommy boards and creep on some websites and blogs and it’s so easy to tell first time moms from experienced moms. The rooms are no longer coordinated, they’re not dropping hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on perceived needs for their baby. One feed on an app has 576 current photos of moms sharing their nursery pictures. In my creeping and estimation I’d value the average room at a minimum of $2,000 (and according to at least one source, that’s a low estimate).  I’m not judging though, really, it’s a process I think most first time parents will go through and it’s so hard to resist.

We were stopped only because our bank account wouldn’t allow it and know what? I’m glad. I don’t miss anything we didn’t have. Not once do I wish I had a dedicated change table or wipe warmer. With this pregnancy, the room will be slightly made over once again as the kids will be sharing a room until we move and we won’t be spending much money. This time it’s not necessarily because we don’t have the money, I could have definitely saved a chunk of change since finding out I was pregnant, but because I know what’s important and what’s not.

We’ll be painting our daughters purple bedroom in the next few weeks to something a little more gender neutral. She will be still be sleeping in her daddy-turned-big girl bed with pink and purple ballerina’s all over it, while little man will eventually sleep in his crib across the room with whatever bedding we have laying around from the first time. I value my money and respect that my children understand that having a coordinated bedroom simply isn’t a priority in our lives. The fact that they’re in a safe room which they can call their own and have fun making memories together is all they need. The money that we do or don’t spend on coordination simply won’t matter to them, and now, to me.

Short on Cash? Check This Out

coins-912718_1280Do you often find yourself struggling to pay bills? Do you need a little help to get by during those rough periods? There are plenty of alternatives that can give you the extra help you need. Why settle for some of the alternatives when you can go directly to the best source available? Often times people will resort to asking a relative for help, or dipping into your savings account. There is always the old reliable means of using a credit card, these are all good methods, however, there can be some difficulties with these methods as well. What you need are monthly installment loans.

Installment Loans Vs Lump Sum loans

You can get a loan like a payday loan that will allow you to pay several lump sums over a short period. Get up to $1,250. The eligibility requirements are minimal and you can get a fast response. The payback is flexible to fit your needs. In some cases, all you really need is a Social security number, an active banking account, and a source of income that can be verified. This type of loan is an alternative to a payday loan and will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you can get caught up on your rent or bills and live happily. Loans of this type are also very good to help you build or fix your credit.

Anything Can Happen

There are always circumstances that just cannot be controlled and many people find themselves in situations where they need just a little bit more cash to catch up on bills. Life can be a struggle especially if you are the only money maker in the house. Getting monthly installment loans is the perfect way to help you get by during these struggling times. Many people often have a lot of questions when it comes to the different types of loans. This can be a tricky thing if you know nothing about them.

You may want to resort to a payday loan or some other means of getting money and that is always a fine choice to make as long as you are aware of what you are getting into and knowing what you can and cannot handle as far as paying back the money that you have borrowed.

Getting That Extra Cash

Going to family may seem like the best idea because of the fact that they are family and you are close but that can be either a good way or a bad way it depends on the family member that is doing the lending and how quickly you are able to pay them back.

Using a credit card seems like the best way to go simply because you can make small payments over time but most times the interest rates can be quite high and you may wind up further in debt with a terrible credit score. You are able to avoid the problems of getting your utilities shut off or getting evicted because of a short check.

Dipping into your savings always seems like the safest bet, you do not have to worry about paying anything back or high interest rates. However, once you get older and need that money for something like a vacation or an emergency comes up, that money will be gone and you are stuck with no help.

How We’re More Financially Prepared for This Maternity Leave

kids being expensiveIt’s hard to believe but we’re three weeks away from me going on maternity leave. Though I’m not due until December 16th, I’ve run the numbers and it actually makes more sense for me to go off work early than continue to work for another month. I have to pay an annual license fee for work which is a substantial amount of money, as well keeping Maria in daycare full time, means we actually lose money versus me claiming unemployment a few weeks early.  I was put off work early during my pregnancy with Maria due to wicked carpal tunnel pains and it’s starting to rear its ugly head again so it’s all good that I’m planning to be off early anyway.

The difference between this pregnancy and the last, is that we’re actually prepared. With my first pregnancy, we didn’t have a great handle on our money and quite honestly I had no idea how we were going to make it all work. It was during this pregnancy that we really got our finances in gear so it ended up being a bit of a blessing, but my memories were full of stress.

We Have an Emergency Fund

This is one of the biggest difference between the two maternity leaves. We had absolutely zero savings when I was off with my first leave. If something were to have happened, we would have had to borrow money from somewhere or someone. Thankfully nothing major happened and we were ok but it was a stress I never want to experience again. Having an emergency fund is one thing, having, needing, an emergency fund while your income is significantly decreased is another. While on maternity leave I have no other income outside of my federally funded pay which is menial compared to my employment income. With no other way to bring in income for the 12 months, we need to have some extra cash on hand.

We Actually Understand Our Money

It wasn’t until I was about 70% through my first maternity leave that we figured out a budget that worked for us. Though it has evolved many times, I have a confidence in our money management skills and know what we need to do to make our decreased income work for us. This alone is a huge stress relief.

We’re Earning More Money

Though I will be claiming maternity leave for the time I’m off (upwards of 67 weeks in my case, 15 weeks of sick leave if needed, 52 maternity) at a loss of about 60% my net income pre-leave, it will still be a bit more than the last time I took leave four years ago. My husband is also earning more, these two things alone, assuming everything else is the same, will help.

We’ve Paid off A LOT of Debt

We’re not debt free, not even close (and I totally understand couples who choose to wait, so it’s an argument I don’t want to get into), but we’re much better off than we were four years ago. I have to be honest I don’t have the numbers memorized, or in front of me (bad PF blogger, I know) but I estimate we’ve paid off close to, if not more than $70,000 worth of non-mortgage debt since my last maternity leave started. A huge help.

Waiting even another year to have another child could have obviously made another substantial difference on our finances for many reasons (more savings, more debt pay off) but in the end we’re comfortable with where we’re at. It’s not for everyone, again, I get that, but it will work for us. There will never be a ‘’best time’’ for us to add to  our family but the fact that we have a good financial understanding of where we are enables us to make decisions like having more kids and that’s enough for me.

What is the Average Credit Score in America?

-1Credit score is a hot topic nowadays as a lot of millennials would like to know how their score compares to others. Another factor is it’s also because credit scores affect almost every aspect of your life financially: your ability to qualify for a loan, applying for a mortgage and even for employment. A lot of potential employers check your credit score to see if you’re financially responsible and it can even affect you and the promotion you’re dreaming of.

It’s natural to be curious on how your credit score compares to everyone else’s, it may even sound like a simple figure to tackle however it can be more complicated than what it may seem. To find out the average credit score in America, here’s what you need to know.

First things first. You’ll need to know what your score is, to find out how strong your credit is. You are entitled to a free annual credit score report with the three major credit bureaus and you’ll also be able to find out how your credit score state and national averages.

Another thing you’d need to know is when you’re comparing your score to others, you need to be aware of which credit score model is being used to calculate the scores and what credit range is being used.

Here’s a score breakdown into rating categories for you to know which you fall in:

Excellent: 750 and above

Good: 700-749

Fair: 650-699

Poor: 600-649

Bad: under 600

Now that we’ve covered the basics, the big reveal for America’s average credit score, according to FICO is: 695. This is currently at an all-time high – but why do scores differ from generation to generation?

Aside from your financial habits, a lot of unrelated factors are determined which includes which state you live in and your education level however, age isn’t always automatically considered. What’s considered a good credit score depends also on how the lender views it but at least it can give you an idea on how lenders are likely to view your application by checking your score and compare it to others.

If you have a low credit score, it will be more challenging to qualify for loans such as car loans and even mortgages if you want to purchase a home. Heavier student loan burdens can also be a factor in this but it doesn’t stop a few others from purchasing a home.

There are ways to improve your credit score but it doesn’t happen overnight and there’s no magic formula for a quick fix like what others are suggesting. It takes time and you should start being financially responsible to rebuild damaged credit. What you can do to start building up your credit score:

  • Monitor your spending vs. your income
  • Create a tracker if you need to see where your money goes and how you can budget
  • Always pay your bills on time
  • Keep an eye out on your credit report
  • Keep your balances low on your credit card
  • Avoid opening new accounts while in the mortgage or loan process

If you feel that you still need assistance to manage your financial stability, don’t be shy to contact a credit counselor to help you out.

Understanding the Role of a Mortgage Broker

new-home-1553256_640Chances are you have heard the term “mortgage broker” in the past. You have likely also heard both positive and negative things about this individual. No matter what you have heard, do you know what the role of a mortgage broker is?

A mortgage broker acts as a middleman between a homeowner and the mortgage lender. They work directly with the bank and the consumer in order to help the borrower qualify for a mortgage, no matter if it is for a new purchase or a refinance. Their job is to get you the best mortgage rates at all cost.

How the Mortgage Broker Works

Once a borrower makes contact with a broker and makes the decision to work with them, the broker will acquire the necessary information. This will include employment documentation, assets, income and their credit report. Each of these things are necessary to determine a borrower’s ability to get the financing they are seeking.

After the mortgage broker has gathered all of the important information, they will determine what option is going to work best for the person borrowing money. This can include setting the loan amount, the loan to value amount and determining the right type of loan for the borrower. It is important to note that the borrower will have the ultimate decision making power, the broker is simply there to provide assistance.

Once all of the details are determined, the broker will then take the loan to the lender and they will work with them in order to receive approval. During this loan process, the broker will be actively communicating with the borrower, as well as the bank, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

When you use a mortgage broker you will not ever have to deal directly with the bank or other lender. All of the correspondence will be funneled through the broker. Mortgage brokers make their money by charging an origination fee for the loan, and broker fees, typically upfront. There is also the option to acquire a no cost loan, which uses lender credit. This will increase the interest rate for the borrower, but eliminate any upfront out-of-pocket expenses.

The cost of a mortgage broker can vary quite a bit, which means that you should ask about these expenses upfront to ensure you understand what you will have to pay, or be charged, prior to agreeing to work with the mortgage broker.

Want to Trade Forex? Stick to XTrade and Other Trusted Brokers

Student Loan RefinanceUnless you have lived under a rock for the past few years, then you likely know about forex and online currency exchanges. The industry has rapidly grown and traders across the globe are taking advantage of the potential to make money online by trading currency online at their leisure. Brokers are even becoming more mainstream as is evidenced by XTrade’s deal with soccer star Ronaldo.

But even if you don’t understand exactly what the industry is or how it works, you have likely heard about forex scams and people losing tons of money by trading online. That is because there are so many scam artists on the internet that it is often hard to tell what is authentic and what isn’t. That’s why it is important to ensure you are using a quality and trusted broker, like those found on this web page.

How to Avoid Forex Scams

The first, and most important, step is to do as much research as possible. The internet is a vast resource with loads of information. Take advantage of it and learn as much as possible about the industry and its brokers before you get involved or make any investments.

Also, don’t forget to check forums and blogs so you can read users’ first hand experiences and get a true understanding of how the industry works. This is an often overlooked source of information but it is truly invaluable. You can get some really great advice from current and past traders on these community sites.

Be aware of certain things like unsolicited emails, pop-up ads, or any other notice that is trying to gain your attention. Be sure to make your investment decisions based on the research that you do, and not based on what someone else has told you or has recommended you to do.

XTrade and Other Brokers to Trust

There is a list of brokers that are reputable and can be trusted. These are the best brokers to use when trading online because they offer the best services to their traders. These are large firms that don’t look to scam traders. Instead, they offer a variety of resources to help traders learn the industry and become successful investors.

Take XTrade for example. It is one of the biggest and most popular forex brokers, established in 2006. The broker allows customers to trade in CFDs on shares, commodities, forex, and indices. But the best aspect of this broker is that it’s comprised of four regulated and licensed subsidiaries that operate across the globe. Since XTrade is CySEC, ASIC and IFSC regulated, the company must be fully compliant with the latest international regulations and laws. This means protection for consumers and traders alike.

Overall, online trading is a matter of common sense. If you see any advertisements or websites that seem fishy or unreliable, they probably are. Trust your instinct and do not invest in any place that seems less than official. Stick to qualified and regulated traders that will keep you protected. Don’t fall into the trap of investing with a less than credible source that will just steal your money.

3 Ways to Save on Halloween


DIY costume circa 2014

Ummm how is it October?!

I have to admit that I haven’t always been a Halloween lover. Even as a kid, though I had fun trick-or-treating with friends, putting together a costume and getting ready for the day was a chore. As I got older I found myself kind of dreading the day and the expectation of partaking in the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, there are components I like, cute decorations and candy are fun, but for the most part it just wasn’t for me.

Then I had a kid. Who doesn’t love a little person dressed up and who is super excited? It’s fun and even the biggest Halloween scrooge will smile. My daughter seems to be taking after her aunt in her love of all things Halloween too. On a recent trip to the local dollar store she would have left me broke given her way and purchased every single Halloween decoration in the store. Thankfully I managed to get away with only purchasing a cute Halloween magnet craft kit for her, coming in at $1.25 (this was a huge victory).

So, especially with a kid who loves Halloween, and as someone who is admittedly getting more into it, how do we save on Halloween? By following a few key rules.

Avoid the Store Costumes

When my daughter told me she wanted to be a (pretty) witch this year, I was super happy as I knew it would be easy and cheap to make. Then she ended up in the mall with her dad and saw a fancy mermaid costume that caught her eye, she then spent the next three days begging us to buy it (justified by wearing one costume to her party and the other trick-or-treating). At almost $40 alone for the costume it wasn’t happening.

If you want to save serious money on Halloween, especially if kids are involved, skip the store costumes. Though it takes more time and some creativity, making your own is so much cheaper. If I can manage to make a costume for my daughter, anyone can. Websites like Pinterest, though can sometimes lead to frustrations, can actually be very helpful in this area in terms of both ideas and execution. I’m happy to report that my daughter’s ‘’pretty witch’’ costume is going to end up costing a total of $10 thanks to searching out sales, a little effort and creativity.

Limit the Decorations

I get it, they’re cute (or spooky, or gory, whatever you’re going for) but they’re also not necessary. Limit your decorations to ones that you can reuse year-to-year rather than the one-time use decorations that are out there. This time last year, at another dollar store excursion with child in tow, I didn’t make it out so well and ended up buying about $15 in decorations which we put out and then tore down when it was over, totally wasting money. A paper ghost that couldn’t be saved, a plastic witch that ripped everywhere we tapped and a few hanging things that didn’t even make it to Halloween. Instead we’ll limit our decorations (current and future) only to ones that we can reuse.

Buy at End of Season

When Halloween is over, consider stocking up for the next year. Though she may change her mind, I’m willing to bet we’ll be able to buy that mermaid costume for upwards of 75% off when the season is done. This is what we did two years ago, we bought two princess costumes on serious clearance and last year our daughter opted to wear one for Halloween. Even if she hadn’t they were used all year playing dress-up.

Halloween can be fun, but with so many expectations to partake in it, it can also be hard to know where to draw the line.

How do you manage to have fun without busting the bank?

The True Financial Impact of Committing Motoring Offences

Financial Impact of Motor Offenses
Over the years, we have interacted a lot with our readers. Thankfully, many of you have taken the time to tell us their stories, as well as read ours.

It is always interesting to hear about other people’s experience with debt, and how they handle it. Our readers have taught us a lot about how people get into financial difficulties, as well as given us some great tips about saving money and coping day to day.

Unfortunately, it is clear from these stories that there are many paths to debt. In some cases, people end up in debt because of silly mistakes or poor decisions. Often they make errors that are not related directly to money, but none the less still have a big impact on a family’s finances. One surprising example is motoring violations.

How motoring offences can lead to serious debt

Most of us have committed at least one of them in the past year. In some cases, we are not even aware that we have done so. Perhaps we were distracted and ran a stop sign, or we did not notice that the speed limit had been reduced on a road we use on a regular basis.

Sometimes we are caught, and end up having to paying a fine, and maybe having some points added to our licence. In most cases, committing a single offence is not a huge issue.

Of course, it is not a desirable situation to be in. After all, it means that you have to find the cash to pay the fine. In addition, in states where points are added to your licence, you will probably find that the cost of insuring your car increases.

However, usually with a bit of juggling you can cover these costs. Therefore, you are not likely to end up in long-term serious debt as the result of a single motoring offence.

However, things can get far more serious if you start accruing points on your licence, or commit offences that are more serious. In some states, for example California, it is all too easy to lose the right to drive. Committing several motoring offences in quick succession is enough to lead to your licence being suspended. Usually the suspension of your licence is only temporary, but the consequences for you and your family can still be very serious indeed.

This is because most of us rely heavily on our cars. Often driving is the only way for you to get to work, and back. In many cases, losing your right to drive leads to losing your job. Naturally, when that happens it is all too easy to end up in serious debt.

Without a valid driving licence, finding another job becomes far more difficult. This makes it very hard to get out of financial difficulties. Not to mention the fact that in many states some driving offences, like drink driving, is a criminal offence.

If you want to learn more about the consequences of drink driving, and what you can do if you end up facing these charges it is well worth visiting the website. There is a lot of information on there that will help you to realise just how serious this offence is, and provide you with advice about how to deal with this situation.

As you can see, it is always worth being aware of the consequences of your day-to-day actions. Doing so allows you to realise which habits you need to change, and avoid unnecessary stress and heartache.

If you are unsure of what the motoring laws are in your state, you can use this link to find out more.