Busy Weekend, A Busted Knee and Using Our ER Fund

1920424_10100341689090069_1962082024_n (1)I just had three days off and I feel like I need a break. My weekend was busier than my week and I miss my kid! I feel like I hardly saw her.

Saturday was jam-packed of running around and getting errands done knowing I had all day Sunday and Monday to hang out and do fun family stuff. Our daughter did have a little play date Saturday afternoon which was super fun to watch her play with her best friend (as deemed by mom). Saturday night was spent all night organizing and doing taxes. That was fun, not…Whole other post on how being unprepared for taxes will bite you in the ass. Lesson learned. Hubby had soccer Saturday night and the rest of the weekend went to shit.

He normally plays keeper but played out this game. Long story short he planted his right leg into the turf to pivot left (turning around) when someone smoked him from behind. He moved, his leg, still connected with turf, did not. He was in immediate pain.

He came home and I knew it was bad. The words ‘hospital’ left his mouth and I knew it had to be bad for him to even admit he may need an advil. It was late Saturday night and kiddo was in bed, we decided to see how it was in the morning. He ”woke up” (ie- didn’t sleep at all) and we started making childcare plans for what may be a long wait in the ER.

We made it to the ER at 1pm and were on our way home by 4:30 pm with the diagnosis that he tore the outside lateral ligaments in his right knee/leg. That the muscles in his leg were currently too tight to get a full scope of damage done but that he did not damage his meniscus which was a relief. Basically he can’t play sports for a few weeks and is pretty immobile for about a week then physio commencing in a week or two. He’s young and healthy so should heal ok.

I am so very thankful that we were able to walk into a hospital, get a new wheelchair for him, go through triage and be moved to a waiting area where we saw doctor, full exam, discharged and multiple followup appointments coming next week at no cost to me. We will do physio at a private clinic but have insurance to cover that (free through our health system but takes a while to get in). We did however need to rent crutches and get some meds for him which is where the ER fund came into play.

Though it was only $50 for the crutches and meds ($20 of which we get back if we return the crutches) I didn’t want to have to pull it from our weekly money. $50 is about what we spend per week on gas alone. I am so glad we have a small stash of money I can pull from. It’s only $50 but even if it was $500 we would have been ok. My husbands first thought was ”oh man, I wonder how much crutches are going to be” I knew they were super cheap but I reminded him we didn’t need to worry anyway because we have the money already set aside. He was relieved and I was reminded why I like having our ER fund in a separate bank, so we forget about it and only use it when we really need to.

I am so glad I listened to everyone’s advice about why having an ER fund, especially while in debt, is important. I can concentrate on making sure hubby is comfortable without having to worry about anything he may need (I sense a knee brace in his future…)

How was your weekend?? Why is it so stinkin’ cute when kids hug and kiss?


  1. That sucks about your husband’s knee, but it could have been a lot worse, financially and medically. Knees are tricky animals. I know what you mean about the “unfunness” of taxes – I spent some time on Saturday installing tax preparation software and getting all my stuff together. I immediately deemed that was enough for the day – procrastinating actually doing the taxes for another day. 🙂
    Travis @Debtchronicles recently posted..First Budget Post Debt Management Plan: How Did Our Spending Change?My Profile

  2. Wow that sucks! Injuries always throw a wrench into life. That’s awesome that you have an emergency fund to cover this – it’s the very definition of an emergency!
    Jordann recently posted..How I Will Bank $23,000My Profile

  3. Sorry about your husband’s knee. That is such a huge bummer!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Should All Moms be Stay-at-Home Moms?My Profile

  4. Oh no! Glad it wasn’t worse. I don’t have that injury but some other kind of injury and it’s taking forever…and I haven’t been to the doctor or doing PT because I know it will cost me too much. I’ll probably at least go get it checked out when I’m back from Iceland but if they suggest PT I probably won’t go. Hope he heals quickly!
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted..February Recap/March GoalsMy Profile

  5. so sorry to hear about your hubby! Hope he heals quickly!
    We have a $1k emergency fund that is in a separate savings account but in the same bank as our everyday checking. We also have an online bank account that we use for our longterm savings and as a backup bigger emergency fund should anything dire happen.
    After a couple of times where I needed access to cash quickly, I decided to move our EF to our everyday bank, because it would take up to three days for the money to transfer over from our online bank. This arragement worked out really well for us, especially recently when my husband got the wrong pay on his check (company error) and we needed to pay rent the next day.

    • Catherine says:

      Our ER fund is in a separate bank but 100% linked to our everyday acct so we’re covered. I also like the idea of covering something big like a cheque error.

  6. I’m glad everything turned out okay! Hopefully your husband has a speedy recovery. Medical costs are my biggest worry, and I’ve had to use my emergency fund once for a trip to the dentist. It’s good to have!
    E.M. recently posted..February Budget ReviewMy Profile

  7. Sorry to hear about hubby. Hope he’s healing well and feeling better. At least you had the e-fund and you didn’t have to worry about money. I ended up in urgent care a few months back and I was terrified I was going to get a huge bill and have to dip into the e-fun. Thankfully my insurance picked up the bill and even if it hadn’t we had the money to pay, which I’m thankful for.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..I love my job. Do you love yours?My Profile

  8. Ouchie! I hope he gets better quickly. Last year I had a couch-bound, messed up knee spouse and it was NOT fun.
    Anne @ Unique Gifter recently posted..A Birthday Gift for a ParentMy Profile

  9. I’m so happy you had a plan! Also, the girls are so cute 🙂
    Michelle@ShopMyClosetProject recently posted..No Spending Challenge 4 Weeks To Go…Some thoughtsMy Profile

  10. Ahh, that’s not fun! Hope he’s ok. EF’s are a life saver. I went to the ER and it’s the only thing that didn’t financially cripple me.
    Dear Debt recently posted..6 Unexpected Benefits of Side HustlingMy Profile

  11. Aren’t emergency funds great? “I knew they were super cheap but I reminded him we didn’t need to worry anyway because we have the money already set aside.” This is totally the point of an emergency fund — to transform a disaster into a nuisance.
    Adam Kamerer recently posted..Day 5 – Meet Someone Who Can Help You Achieve Your DreamsMy Profile

  12. Sorry to hear about your husband’s knee. I have done something similar before, but it cost much more!

    I spent my weekend pressure washing everything around my home. It did a number on my back, but it looked great when it was done!
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..5 Lies We Believe About Credit CardsMy Profile

  13. That sucks! Emergency funds rock, even though they are totally boring when just sitting around.

    Glad you guys had the cash to cover his injuries 🙂
    Erin @ Gen Y Finances recently posted..Ways That Being Cheap Could Cost You MoneyMy Profile

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