How to Negotiate Cheaper Rent


how to get cheap rent

Recently, I’ve had some issues with my apartment complex. They’ve messed up my bill (three months in a row), neglected some basic maintenance and have forced me to sign up for a WiFi/cable program I didn’t really want. All of that being said, I’m still paying relatively low rent for the area in which I live but can I get it cheaper?

You’ve probably heard about those personal finance warriors that have a one-track mind that is always set to be thinking about saving and being financially sound. They may call a company every time their bill goes up (even just a few dollars) to negotiate it down or haggle prices with cable/telephone companies. So, how do you do that with something like rent?

How to Negotiate Cheaper Rent

I will be looking to renew my lease or move out in the spring and, from the sound of it, the complex normally increases the price of rent significantly after your first year (by $100 or more). There are a few things I will try doing before I move again though…

  1. Sign a longer lease. Most apartment complexes will give you a discount on your monthly rent if you sign a longer lease. For instance, at the complex I live in they quoted $1320 a month for a 6-month lease, $1275 for a 12-month lease and $1217 for a 14-month lease. We chose the 14-month lease to save money. If your complex offers something similar, you may consider doing the same.
  2. Bring up the fact you’ve paid on time. If you are gainfully employed and have paid your rent on time the entire time you’ve lived there, consider using that as a bargaining tool. After so many months (or the first year) of paying on time, the complex will look at you as a valued member of the community.
  3. Consider paying early. Some complexes will give you a 5% to 10% discount on your rent if you’re able to pay it a few days early. You can also pay months in advance. Many properties offer a significant discount if you’re able to pay 3-6 months of rent at a time. Ask your apartment’s manager if this option is available to you.
  4. Market your own skills. If you are trying to figure out how to negotiate cheaper rent, see if they need any assistance in the property office. Maybe they need help marketing to bring in new tenants or maybe they need some help keeping the grounds. Either way, they’ll knock some cash off your rent in exchange for work.
  5. Earn some cash back. Not all apartment complexes will be open to negotiation. If that is the case you may consider paying your rent online using a credit or debit card. Most cards have some kind of cash back reward or travel points you can earn. Though you won’t be getting cash off your rent, you’ll get cash back by paying online.

Lastly, when you go to negotiate a lower rent, gather some information about the properties nearby. Get an idea of what apartments in the area are going for and know what kind of haggling power you have. If you’re already paying below market in the area, you may not have much power when it comes to negotiating the price of your rent.

Have you negotiated cheaper rent in the past? How did you do it?

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Jim Jones’ Net Worth

The entertainment business is no stranger to controversy and drama. For some, it seems like the more controversy you’re able to stir up, the better. Rapper Jim Jones is no stranger to controversy himself, finding himself in tight situations ASAP Mob, Jay-Z, and Azaelia Banks. But how has that impacted Jim Jones’ net worth overall?

Jim Jones’ Net Worth

Currently, Jim Jones’ net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. Like most individuals in the music industry, Jones has worked incredibly hard to get where he is. Born in the Bronx and raised in Harlem with a rough family life, Jones wasn’t exactly set up for success but he has been able to accrue millions. This is because he has employed one of the best financial practices (diversifying and securing multiple sources of income). While Jones is a rapper primarily, he has been able to expand his career greatly by opening other doors in the entertainment industry (acting, producing, etc.).

Jones made millions through his music career, no doubt. In fact, it is estimated that he makes about $1.4 million per year. While that is impressive, not all of that is contributing to Jim Jones’ net worth. The current estimate also includes investment earnings from 2008 of about $200,000. You can also attribute another $500K of Jones’ overall net worth to endorsement deals.

Most reports of his net worth also include the value of his many expensive vehicles:

  • Bentley GT ($70K)
  • Audi R8 ($80K)
  • Mercedes Benz G-Class ($100K)
  • Audi A8L ($75K)

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Jim Jones’ Career

how much is jim jones worth

Jim Jones, born Joseph Guillermo Jones II, was an original member of The Diplomats (aka Dipset). He is also now the co-CEO of Diplomat Records. Over the years he’s become well known for his music video production as well as his rapping ability.

Music career

Between 2004 and 2005 Jones began to surface on the radio and streaming sites. “On My Way to Church,” his debut album, had two singles that made it to the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and peaked on the charts at number 18.

His very next album, “Harlem: Diary of a Summer,” sold 350,000 copies and numerous hits as well. Jones went on to produce three more studio albums and a number of mixtapes, including his popular “Vampire Life” series of tapes.

Jones’ estimated earnings from each album are as follows:

  • “Vampire Life 3” – $1.7 million+
  • “We Own the Night (EP)” – $1.4 million+
  • “Hustler’s P.O.M.E. ll” – $1 million+
  • “Pray lV Reign” – $700K+
  • “The Rooftop” – $600K+
  • “Capo” – $900K+
  • $2 million+ from other studio albums

Jones also released an album to accompany an off-Broadway musical (“Hip-Hop Monologues: Inside the Life and Mind of Jim Jones”) in which he headlined.

Other ventures

As mentioned above, music isn’t the only thing making Jim Jones money. He has a number of other ventures that have contributed to his income as well. For instance, he was the music video director for many of the early Dipset music videos.

In 2007, he began dipping his toes into the fashion business as well, launching his own rapper rockstar style. Currently, his “Vampire Life” brand clothing is only for sale in New York City but he is looking to expand it worldwide in the years to come.

You may recognize Jones from the VH1 reality TV shows “Love & Hip Hop: New York” and “Chrissy and Mr. Jones.” The rapper has also appeared in a number of small roles, including a part in one episode of HBO’s critically acclaimed show “The Wire.”


Not everything in Jones’ career has been perfect though. As you may know, Jones is known for stirring up controversy in the world of rap and hip-hop. In the summer of 2006, a “diss track” by fellow rapper Tru-Life was released. The track was a clear shot at Jones. In response, Jones challenged Tru-Life to a fight (with $50K at stake). This led to further beef with successful rapper Jay Z.


Jones and Jay Z no longer hold any animosity towards one another. In 2017 Jones signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. This came shortly after the end of the Dipset reunion tour. Either way, you look at it, Jones has been able to accumulate a substantial amount of wealth through his career. With a net worth of $10 million and continuing to earn $1 million+ each year, Jim Jones will likely be comfortable for many years to come.

What do you think about Jim Jones’ net worth? Let us know in the comments!

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Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Net Worth

Chip and Joanna Gaines' net worth (PID)

“Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that the fifth season of the HGTV series will be their last. While the decision was hard for the couple, they have been small business owners for years and have been able to create quite the nest egg for themselves. So, what is Chip and Joanna Gaines’ net worth and how will leaving HGTV  impact their wealth?

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Net Worth

Chip and Joanna Gaines are worth about $5 million. However, the bulk of their current wealth has not come from their time on HGTV. The Gaineses have actually gained most of their millions through their various small business ventures.

Of course, the couple was paid about $30K per episode of “Fixer Upper” but the majority of their cash has been earned through their “Magnolia” trademark. Chip and Joanna own three boutiques, Magnolia Silos, in the Waco, Texas area (where they live). They also own Magnolia Homes, their renovation company, and Magnolia Realty, their very own real estate agency.

Their dealings in real estate and renovations are what gained them recognition with HGTV. Like many other home-and-garden stars, the couple worked together to both destroy and redesign homes in their area. To the Gaineses, they were performing important work by trying to make Waco beautiful “one house at a time.”

In addition to their work in real estate, Chip and Joanna also produce a quarterly real estate magazine called “Magnolia Journal.” The magazine, which has around 700,000 subscribers, costs $20 per year. The couple also has a vacation rental that provides a fair amount of cash flow as well. The Waco rental isn’t rented for any less than $695 per night and is booked through the end of 2017. So, it’s safe to say they’ve secured multiple streams of income for themselves. So, how will leaving HGTV impact Chip and Joanna Gaines’ net worth?

Leaving HGTV But Continuing Work

Chip and Joanna announced early Tuesday morning that they’d be leaving HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” The Gaines’ announcement came shortly after HGTV revealed “Flip or Flop” would no longer be airing on the network. In its place, there will be five “Flip or Flop” spinoffs.

Many have speculated the reason behind the couple parting from the network saying that controversy late last year may have prompted the pair into thinking twice about continuing life in the spotlight. The couple was called out in a Buzzfeed article for attending a church with a well-known anti-LGBT pastor. The article then went on to accuse the Gaineses of being anti-LGBT themselves. Chip wrote a blog post that is thought to have addressed the issue in early 2017. However, the couple didn’t mention this in their farewell message:

Despite being paid $30K an episode, the Gaineses won’t hurt too much after leaving HGTV. After all, the majority of their cash has been earned through their personal businesses anyway. Although they are leaving the network, they will continue work on their Magnolia empire, both maintaining and expanding their business where necessary. Not to mention, the couple will still be renovating and designing homes in the Waco area (so that Joanna Gaines style won’t be lost for good either).

It doesn’t seem like leaving the show will impact their finances too much though. Obviously, they will be losing some cash but they’ve got plenty of room to make it up through their other ventures.

What do you think about Chip and Joanna Gaines’ net worth? 

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A Key to Managing Your Finances: Personal Finance Books



If your finances are out of control, you are going to be living in constant stress. You worry about whether or not you’ll be able to make ends meet. You worry about all the things you can’t afford. You live paycheck to paycheck or even run out of money in between paychecks. It’s not a good way to live. But if you don’t have the skills or knowledge to manage your finances, it can seem like an impossible beast to tame. That’s where books come in. Personal finances books are the key to managing your finances. Learn more about what they have to offer below.

Understand the real causes of your financial problems

In many cases, we keep finding ourselves stuck in the same endless cycle of financial trouble simply because we don’t really know what’s causing it. Unless you work in finance, you probably aren’t an expert. Without the expertise, it’s easy to overlook certain things or agree to terms without really understanding what you are agreeing to.

There are many great personal finance books out there that can help you figure out the real reasons you are in debt or struggling to stay afloat. For example, many people attempt to use credit cards to build credit but, in the process, end up damaging their credit score even more.

This is usually because they don’t have the tools or skills to properly use credit cards for that purpose. With a personal finance book, you can learn the actual method involved so that you are safely using credit cards to build credit without getting out of control. If credit isn’t your problem, you can still use personal finance books to dig into the real causes of whatever issue you are having.

Learn how to adopt better money habits

Most of us don’t ever get a real education in smart money habits. Unless we are lucky enough to have parents who know all the tricks, we are pretty much left to our own resources. That means that we must learn by trial and error. We are just figuring things out as we go along.

Imagine if you had a road map that just told you exactly what the best path to take was every step of the way? You could avoid making so many mistakes and save yourself so much money. Well, that’s exactly what a personal finance book can do. You can get advice on every issue and every circumstance that almost everyone will face at some point in their life.

Using a personal finance book, you can learn how to avoid bad money habits and replace them with better ones that will actually help you achieve your financial goals.

Get advice from real experts

This is one of the greatest benefits of reading personal finance books. They are written by people who are experts on their topics. To make it even better, they spend months or even years researching the topics for their books. So, you are getting some of the most well-researched and knowledgeable advice available.

You do need to make sure you find reliable sources, however. There are people who publish low quality books that are disguised as expert work. So, make sure to find recommendations from reliable sites and people that you trust. Then, get two or three of the top finance books to read to start with.

From there, you will start to get familiar with the leading names in the field. That will make it easier to find additional books that are equally useful and trustworthy.

Get the tools you need to actually use financial advice

This is an important one that is often overlooked. While you can generally find some great financial advice online, it doesn’t always come with practical tips for how to apply it to your own situation. For example, you might read the sage wisdom to avoid using your credit card to buy things you can’t afford. But what if you are trapped in a cycle of needing to use your credit card to cover the essentials you can’t afford on your actual monthly income?

A book can provide you with more concrete and practical advice that will help you actually apply this kind of wisdom to your life. For example, you can get real strategies for saving more money by starting with something small and manageable like the 52-week savings challenge. With the right tools, you can actually make the goals you have a reality. A book will help you map out the process step-by-step no matter where you are starting from.

Get specific advice about the issues most important to you

Books tend to go very in depth on specific topics. This is better than getting a lot of generalized information on a lot of different topics. For most of us, our financial struggles are focused on just a small set of specific issues. We aren’t completely clueless about everything. So, there’s no point wasting your time on introductory level knowledge about topics you already know.

With a book, you can get highly specialized knowledge on exactly the things that concern you. For example, if you’re a newlywed or even just starting to get serious with your partner, you might be stressing out about how to bring up the topic. Fortunately, you can find great advice on talking about finances with your partner.

There are a wide variety of personal finance books out there. Each one has been researched and written by experts on highly specialized topics. There’s a book out there whether you’re a newlywed trying to figure out how to cooperate with someone on personal finances or a college student who needs to make their very first grown up budget. All you need to do is decide which topics are most important to you and then find a book about it. So, what are you waiting for? Find your personal finance book and start taking control today!

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