A Key to Managing Your Finances: Personal Finance Books



If your finances are out of control, you are going to be living in constant stress. You worry about whether or not you’ll be able to make ends meet. You worry about all the things you can’t afford. You live paycheck to paycheck or even run out of money in between paychecks. It’s not a good way to live. But if you don’t have the skills or knowledge to manage your finances, it can seem like an impossible beast to tame. That’s where books come in. Personal finances books are the key to managing your finances. Learn more about what they have to offer below.

Understand the real causes of your financial problems

In many cases, we keep finding ourselves stuck in the same endless cycle of financial trouble simply because we don’t really know what’s causing it. Unless you work in finance, you probably aren’t an expert. Without the expertise, it’s easy to overlook certain things or agree to terms without really understanding what you are agreeing to.

There are many great personal finance books out there that can help you figure out the real reasons you are in debt or struggling to stay afloat. For example, many people attempt to use credit cards to build credit but, in the process, end up damaging their credit score even more.

This is usually because they don’t have the tools or skills to properly use credit cards for that purpose. With a personal finance book, you can learn the actual method involved so that you are safely using credit cards to build credit without getting out of control. If credit isn’t your problem, you can still use personal finance books to dig into the real causes of whatever issue you are having.

Learn how to adopt better money habits

Most of us don’t ever get a real education in smart money habits. Unless we are lucky enough to have parents who know all the tricks, we are pretty much left to our own resources. That means that we must learn by trial and error. We are just figuring things out as we go along.

Imagine if you had a road map that just told you exactly what the best path to take was every step of the way? You could avoid making so many mistakes and save yourself so much money. Well, that’s exactly what a personal finance book can do. You can get advice on every issue and every circumstance that almost everyone will face at some point in their life.

Using a personal finance book, you can learn how to avoid bad money habits and replace them with better ones that will actually help you achieve your financial goals.

Get advice from real experts

This is one of the greatest benefits of reading personal finance books. They are written by people who are experts on their topics. To make it even better, they spend months or even years researching the topics for their books. So, you are getting some of the most well-researched and knowledgeable advice available.

You do need to make sure you find reliable sources, however. There are people who publish low quality books that are disguised as expert work. So, make sure to find recommendations from reliable sites and people that you trust. Then, get two or three of the top finance books to read to start with.

From there, you will start to get familiar with the leading names in the field. That will make it easier to find additional books that are equally useful and trustworthy.

Get the tools you need to actually use financial advice

This is an important one that is often overlooked. While you can generally find some great financial advice online, it doesn’t always come with practical tips for how to apply it to your own situation. For example, you might read the sage wisdom to avoid using your credit card to buy things you can’t afford. But what if you are trapped in a cycle of needing to use your credit card to cover the essentials you can’t afford on your actual monthly income?

A book can provide you with more concrete and practical advice that will help you actually apply this kind of wisdom to your life. For example, you can get real strategies for saving more money by starting with something small and manageable like the 52-week savings challenge. With the right tools, you can actually make the goals you have a reality. A book will help you map out the process step-by-step no matter where you are starting from.

Get specific advice about the issues most important to you

Books tend to go very in depth on specific topics. This is better than getting a lot of generalized information on a lot of different topics. For most of us, our financial struggles are focused on just a small set of specific issues. We aren’t completely clueless about everything. So, there’s no point wasting your time on introductory level knowledge about topics you already know.

With a book, you can get highly specialized knowledge on exactly the things that concern you. For example, if you’re a newlywed or even just starting to get serious with your partner, you might be stressing out about how to bring up the topic. Fortunately, you can find great advice on talking about finances with your partner.

There are a wide variety of personal finance books out there. Each one has been researched and written by experts on highly specialized topics. There’s a book out there whether you’re a newlywed trying to figure out how to cooperate with someone on personal finances or a college student who needs to make their very first grown up budget. All you need to do is decide which topics are most important to you and then find a book about it. So, what are you waiting for? Find your personal finance book and start taking control today!

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Your Mattress is Putting You in Debt

There are many areas of our homes that cost us money. There’s the lights, devices, and other electronic equipment left on when not in use, which drives up the energy bill. There’s the air conditioning that’s being used when all that’s needed is an open window and a fan. Then there’s the refrigerator full of food that will go bad because you eat out too much or over buy at the grocery store.

Did you know that your mattress can also be a great thief of your money? Of course, this all depends on the age of your mattress but if you are looking at a bed that is well over ten years old, there are ample ways this mattress is costing you money in places you didn’t even think to look.


Dust mites live in all our homes and they particularly love camping out in our mattresses. For those of us that have allergies these little guys can cause a great deal of disturbance when we are trying to sleep. More than $17,000,000 were spent by Americans on health care to reduce the swelling of their nasal passages and sinuses in 2010.

Consider replacing your mattress to a type or brand that has been proven to reduce the amount of dust mites you will come in contact with. Take these steps to ease both your allergies and your medical bills. Memory foam and latex are great contenders while coiled seems to attract the most mites due to the spaces available inside. If you want to know more about latex mattresses, check out these reviews for the best latex mattresses on the market.


This is another area of expense that could be greatly reduced with a new mattress. Old mattresses tend to lose their form or get the coils misshapen due to natural wear and tear.  You either get poked in the back with the misshapen coils or you don’t get the support that you need when you sleep. Your shoulder and hips end up hurting if not supported well. A new mattress will help with your pressure points and provide your back and neck with the support.

Our suggestion is to hit a bedding store and try out the different kinds of mattresses available. There are innerspring or coil mattresses, latex, memory foam, and hybrids. Each has its good points and others have their not so savory characteristics.

There are firm mattresses, soft mattresses, and those that fall into the Goldilocks area of just right. Only you can tell what‘s right for you. Still, getting a new mattress means less pain on pressure point areas, less trips to the doctor, avoiding physical therapy, and less pain killers to pay for when the hip starts hurting.

With these ailments on the run you’ll find that you can save money which can be used to pay off any debt.

Up late?

Is your mattress keeping you up at night? If you are sneezing through the night or experiencing a great deal of pain in your hips, shoulders, neck, or back, then there is another way this mattress is costing you money other than medical bills. This would be in your lack of productivity.

Think about it for a moment. If you are not getting the sleep you need to be your best self the next day then you are most likely not performing at your peak when working. If your productivity lacks, over time, this can cost you money in sales, wages, or even a job if it got out of control. Of course, we a realize that few people out there would let their lack of sleep be the cause of their unemployment but we also know that things can get out of our hands easily.

Still sick?

An old mattress can wreak havoc on your immune system. This falls right back to the inability to get a good night’s sleep on an old mattress. A lack of sleep leads to a weakened immune system. This means you will get sick more often and we’ve already illustrated how health problems cost money and can be reduced with the purchase of a new mattress.

Gaining weight?

Have you noticed how your jeans or slacks are harder to button as of late? This could be the result of sleeping on an old mattress. Folks who sleep more, eat less. If you aren’t sleeping well and gaining weight this could lead to diet plans and the need to purchase new clothes. Losing weight can cost money, which might be a direct result of your bad mattress.

These are just a few problems with an old mattress and we hate to let this problem cost you more and more money. Mattresses are one of those areas where you need to invest money to save money, which is always a great idea especially where our health is concerned.

Top 9 Punching Techniques for Kickboxing

Kickboxing, a transformed form of boxing with lots of monetary perks, is unquestionably a sport
full of fun and action. However, it can sometimes be a throbbing experience for beginners with
inadequate training. They can get hurt badly and may eventually have to apply for social security
disability benefits. It is therefore advised to at least learn a few moves before choosing an
opponent. Described below are some of the basic kickboxing moves that you must know and


This must be the first thing you should start from. Jab is a straight punch aiming for the
opponent’s head or body. You should use your front first to throw the jab. Once you are skilled at
it, you can use it for both attack and defense.


Cross is a power punch and comes second in four punches. Use your dominant hand to throw a
straight punch. You may need to slightly rotate your upper body to the opposite side of your
dominant hand.


Third of the basic four punches, the hook is thrown by the front hand to create maximum impact on
the opponent. It should always be aimed for the head by turning the core muscles and back. Shift
your body weight to the leading foot while performing this move.


It is one of the two power punches and is aimed for the opponent’s chin. Stay close to the target,
initiate the punch from the midsection of your body and toss it upwards. Keep your arm inside,
bend at the elbow to transfer the force of your entire body to the upward hit. Learn more here.


Backfist is a strike to the head of the opponent with the tops of two largest knuckles. Raise and bend
the arm at your elbow, and then swing it out to the face. Although Backfist is usually performed
with the front hand, use the non-dominant hand for Spinning Backfist and Reverse Backfist.

Flying Punch

To strike with a flying punch, move slightly back from your target, jump upon pretending for a
kick, but snap the kick to hit the cross punch. The flying punch is also known as jumping punch,cobra punch, diving punch, falcon punch and Superman punch. Rear hand is typically used for
the flying punch.

Cross Counter

Cross Counter is a punch that needs your agility. It is performed right after the jab, when the
opponent opens himself vulnerable. It always requires you to be real quick with a reflexive
response to the move from opposite side, as there is a very short window for maximum impact.
It is a semi-circular rear hand punch that goes upwards and then lands down right on the
opponent. It is really effective when the opponent is slipping to escape your straight punches.
The overcut punch is also called as Overhand or Drop Punch because it moves in a rainbow

Bolo Punch

The Bolo punch is always a combination of two different punches. Although it is mainly derived
from the martial arts, it can effectively be used in traditional kickboxing. All you have to do is to
throw a wide punch so that the eyes of your opponent get off your other static hand. Once he/she
is distracted, strike him/her mightily with your other hand.
The above-described moves can make you aggressive and defensive at the same time. However,
it requires an extensive level of practice to perform corrective action at the right time.

Cost Effective Ways to Redo Your Backyard

Many of us take pride in our possessions, and that includes our homes and backyards. Pride of ownership is a concept that means you will do your best to make sure things look their best. Making a backyard look good can sometimes mean spending thousands of dollars on furniture and lawn care. However, this does not have to be the case! You can make your yard look beautiful in cost-efficient ways! If you are interested in doing so, read on to find out some popular methods you can try out.

Make your own Furniture

Patio furniture can look great, but it can cost a ton of money from the store. If you have a way of making your own, while still having everything look good, go for it! If you or somebody you know has experience working with carpentry, this is a great start. You can obtain the materials cheaply, and then get to work building your dream patio set. As for upholstering the pieces, this is also a project you can do by yourself. Watch some videos online about basic upholstering to get yourself familiar with the idea.

Get a Timed Sprinkler System

Watering the lawn can be end up costing a lot of money in the long run. If you want beautiful grass without the high water bill, try installing a timed sprinkler system. It will only go on at certain times of the day, and therefore you will not be wasting water. If you do want to use a garden hose, try to find one that will last. This way, you will not need to replace it as often. Websites such as backyardboss.net has good examples of good quality garden hoses.

Make a Swing

Garden swings are beautiful and relaxing when you get a chance to use them. They allow you to enjoy the fine weather while admiring your backyard. However, garden swings can be quite pricy. You have the ability to make your own swing using an old chair. Although it would help again if you know someone who is familiar with carpentry, you can also do it yourself if you want. Check online sites for inspiration and instructions!

Substitute a Barbeque

Barbeques are great additions to backyards, but many of them come with hefty price tags. If you want to enjoy awesome barbequed food in your backyard but not pay a huge amount, try looking for a camping grill! These are smaller, portable versions of a grill, and they work just as well. You can do anything on them, from boiling water to grilling meat. You can set them up in the yard overtop of a fire pit. They are great because you can move them around if you want to put them someplace else, or store them for the winter.

Get a Splash Pad

If you are longing for a pool for your children to enjoy, try looking at a splash pad instead. They are far cheaper, and easier to maintain. As well, there is a minimal risk when children use them, as you do not need to worry about drowning. Splash pads could be a great addition to your yard because they are very unique. Chances are that you will be the only family on your block that has one! They are not just for kids, either. Splash pads can be enjoyed by the whole family on those hot, humid days.


Just because you do not have a huge budget does not mean that your backyard needs to suffer. You can literally do everything you want to it, even though it might be in a slightly modified way. Making your own patio furniture, getting a timed sprinkler system, substituting a camping grill for a barbeque and getting a splash pad are just a few of the many ways that you can improve your backyard. Take a look around and see exactly what it is that you are looking for. Then you can talk to your friends or look online for different ways to make those visions a reality for yourself! Anything is possible when you have enough motivation and determination to make it happen!